Travis Barker Drum Gear Up For Grabs!

Travis Barker has listed a huge range of drum kits, drums, mixers, electronic drums, drum machines, and more for sale on Reverb.

Travis Barker Drum Kits For Sale

Central to the collection are two drum kits:

  • The OCDP “Troy Lee Designs” Drum Kit that was used in the music video for “I Feel So” by Box Car Racer. The kit is comprised of three toms (12×9, 14×12, 16×14), a 22×20 bass drum, and a 14×7 snare.
  • The OCDP “Evel Knievel” Drum Kit used in Blink 182’s video for “Adam’s Song”. This kit includes 12×8, 14×12, and 16×14 toms, a 22×20 bass drum, and a deep 14×8 snare drum.

Both of these Travis Barker drum kits have some minor scuffs, but are otherwise in great condition. The Troy Lee kit will set you back USD $30,000. If you’re short on cash, the Evel Knievel kit is a more affordable USD $25,000. The kits sport Remo drumheads across the board, with Remo Emperor and Remo Ambassador drumheads on the snare and toms, and Remo Powerstroke heads on the bass drums.

You’ll also find a lot of electronic drum gear, all with much more reasonable price tags.

Here are a few highlights:

  • A Roland SPD-SX for USD $550 (heavily used but fully functional besides a row of pad lights)
  • A Roland SPD-S for USD $400 (fully functional with a few scuffs)
  • Yamaha, Roland, and Alesis electronic drum kits ranging from USD $800 to USD $2,300
  • Drum machines and MPCs
  • A large number of boom boxes and turntables
  • Bongos and congas
  • PA systems, studio monitors, amps, and a lot of recording hardware
  • Keyboards, guitars, and bass guitars

All gear comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from Travis Barker. If you’re interested, take a look at the full store on Reverb here.