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Drum Sets, Brands, & Reviews

Premier Drum Kits: A Full History & Buying Guide

Read our full history and guide to Premier Drums: From the 1920s to today, Premier drum company has innovated and greatly influenced the drum world.

Ludwig Drum Kits: A Full History & Buying Guide

Our full story of Ludwig Drums, spanning humble beginnings in 1909, to becoming the most recognisable drum set brand in history.

Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit Review

Find out why we're saying the Roland TD-17 is one of the best kits out there for the price: Read our full review of Roland's TD-17.

Roland TD1-DMK Electronic Drum Kit Review

Despite its limitations, Roland's TD-1DMK is a great choice for beginners and for experienced drummers looking for a quality practice kit. Read our review of Roland's TD-1 here.

How I Built My *Powerful* Mini Electronic Drum Kit

This kit 100% beats many full-size electronic drum sets: More pads, more functionality, more power, less noise, AND it fits in a tiny space. Here's how to build the perfect powerful mini electronic kit.

Drum Articles

The Ultimate Searchable Drumhead Comparison Equivalency Chart

Want to know the equivalent drumheads across the huge Aquarian vs. Evans vs. Remo range? Look no further - this is the ultimate drumhead comparison chart.

Top 9 Uses For Old Drumheads - Don't Just Throw Them Away!

Don’t just leave those old drumheads lying around! Here are nine great (and actually useful!) drum-related tips for your old heads.

Need Some New Drumming Ideas or Inspiration?

Need some drumming inspiration? Hit a plateau with your skills? Here are some top ideas for when you need something new in your drumming life...

Drum Recording: Studio Tips for the Beginner

Your first time recording drums in a studio can be an overwhelming experience. Here are the top studio tips for what to do before you arrive, and while you're there...

Drum Set Dynamics: A Simple and Effective Exercise to Take Control

A simple and very effective drum kit dynamics exercise: because dynamics can make or break a song. To become a great drummer, you'll need to master these skills...

Drum Dampening: The Ultimate Guide

Drumheads with built-in dampening, add-on dampening accessories, DIY dampening methods, advice, tips, tricks, and more. Everything you need to know about drum dampening, all on one page...

Does Drum Wood Really Matter? An MDF Snare

Does a drum's wood really make that much difference to your sound, especially if everything else is done right? Check out Bart Westera's MDF snare drum, and read his story here.

Bass Drum Holes: Everything You Need To Know

Unsure how or where to cut a port hole? Want to know what the bass drum hole does? Wondering whether you actually need a hole? Everything you'll ever need to know about bass drum port holes, all on one page...

45+ Best Drum Gifts for Drummers

A huge list of the best drum gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or any other reason. This is a list made by drummers, for drummers. No junk! ...

Resonant Snare Side Drumheads: Everything You Need To Know

An overview of the different resonant snare side drumheads out there, and how they influence your snare sound. Get the right resonant snare side drumhead for your kit.

Resonant Tom & Bass Drumheads: Everything You Need To Know

Everything you've ever wanted to know about resonant heads for toms and bass drums. Plus every resonant tom head from Aquarian, Evans, and Remo. Master your resonant drumheads now!

How To Become A Better Drummer

Stuck in a plateau, or want to level up? This is the stuff that turns average drummers into great ones. Here's how to become a better drummer.

Drum Pads: Everything You Need To Know

Get your head around the huge range of drum pads out there. Practice drum pads & electronic drum pads: The best options, bonus tips, comparisons & more...

Learning To Play Drums With A Practice Pad

Using a drum practice pad is a sure-fire way to improve your coordination, speed, and timing. Here's everything you need to know when using a drum practice pad.

Fat Snare Drum Tuning: Everything You Need To Know

A deep & punchy fat snare drum thud is a sound used in countless songs. Luckily, you don’t need a huge 15×8 snare to achieve it. Here's everything you need to know about getting a fat snare drum sound...

Drum Kit Noise Reduction: Everything You Need To Know

Need to know how to make a drum kit quieter? Want to drum in an apartment without the neighbours wanting to kill you? This is the page for you: the best tips to reduce drum volume.

The Best Bass Drum Pedal: The Ultimate Guide

The best bass drum pedal for beginners, intermediates, and the absolute best bass drum pedal. Plus, we've explained the important stuff when buying a pedal: Find the best bass drum pedal for you!

Bass Drum Beater Sound: The Ultimate Guide

Buying Used Drums: The Ultimate Guide

Know exactly what to look for when buying used drums. The right used drums can sound great, so use these essential tips to make sure you get the best value for money.

Buying Used Cymbals: The Ultimate Guide

You can get some great deals buying used cymbals, as long as you know exactly what to look for. We have the essential tips to make sure you buy great used cymbals, and avoid getting ripped off.

47+ Music Gifts For Musicians & Music Lovers

A gift list made By Musicians, For Musicians, with a strict *no junk* policy. Gifts for musicians birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, graduation gifts & more.

43+ Guitar Gifts: The Best Gifts for Guitarists

Find the best gift ideas for guitar players, with our ultimate guide. This list is made by musicians, with nothing but the absolute best guitar gifts for any occasion.

Make The Most Out Of A Crappy Drum Kit

Don’t let bad gear ruin your performance. Regardless of whether you're at a venue, a friend's place, or just at home with your own crappy kit, these tips will help you get the most out of sub-par gear.

A Guide To Effective Drum Practice

Need a drum practice routine to take you to the next level? These tips will get you there. Here's exactly how to maximize your drum practice.

Comparison: Remo Ambassador vs Emperor

Two legendary heads, compared side by side: Become an instant expert on Remo Ambassador vs Emperor drumheads. Don't buy the wrong heads!

Comparison: Evans Hydraulic vs Remo Colortone

Remo Colortone vs Evans Hydraulic drumheads: There's some huge differences, so we've covered everything in detail.

The best wood for drums? Forget drum wood

Wondering what the best drum wood is? You're asking the wrong question. Don't get caught out: Here's everything you need to know about how drum wood affects your sound.

Drum Analysis

Why Is Dave Grohl's Drumming So Unique?

What Makes Travis Barker?

A must-read analysis for Travis Barker fans: We analyze his playing style, skills, setup, and exactly why he's influenced an entire generation of drummers.

Agile Beast: Matt Helders

We dissect the drumming of Matt Helders, and look at how his unique style is key to the sound of Arctic Monkeys.

John Bonham: When The Levee Breaks

One of the all-time most recognizable drum beats, played by one of the most recognizable drummers of all time: Here's everything you need to know about When The Levee Breaks.

Hal Blane: Recording Legend

He's played on more than 35,000 recordings, including hundreds of top 40 tracks. And none of it was by accident: Learn what made Hal Blane such a master drummer.

Clyde Stubblefield

Drumming legends consider him the world's funkiest drummer, and he plays one of the most sampled drum beats in history. Here's our focus on Clyde Stubblefield's Funky Drummer.

Tre Cool

He's helped reinvent punk rock drumming across his decades-long career. We dive deep into Green Day drummer Tre Cool's signature playing style, drum set, cymbals, and a whole lot more.