The Ultimate Searchable Drumhead Comparison Chart – Compare Aquarian vs. Evans vs. Remo Drumheads

The Ultimate Searchable Drumhead Comparison Chart
Compare Aquarian vs. Evans vs. Remo Drumheads
in this chart.

Want to compare drumheads across the huge Aquarian, Evans, and Remo range? Look no further – this is the ultimate drumhead comparison chart.
Compare Evans vs. Remo vs. Aquarian with this drumhead comparison chart.
Use the search box below to filter through the drumheads.
No directly equivalent drumhead? Look in the rows above or below in the chart – this will likely be the closest equivalent head available.

Click on any of the drumheads in the chart for detailed information and to compare them.

Resonant Snare Side
200 Clear Snare SideDiplomat Hazy Snare Side
Classic Clear Snare Side300 Clear Snare SideAmbass. Clear Snare Side
Hi-Performance Snare SideAmbass. Hazy Snare Side
Amb. Renaissance Snare Side
500 Clear Snare SideEmperor Hazy Snare Side
Amb. Black Suede Snare Side
Batter / Resonant
Concert 5 CoatedDiplomat M5 Thin Coated
Hi-Frequency ClearDiplomat Clear
Hi-Frequency CoatedOrchestral CoatedDiplomat Coated
Modern Vintage ThinDiplomat Fiberskyn
Modern Vintage MediumCalftone / Calftone Bass DrumAmbassador Fiberskyn
J1 etched
Classic ClearG1 ClearAmbassador Clear
Ambassador Suede
Texture CoatedG1 Coated / UV1Ambassador Coated
Ambassador Vintage Coated
Classic Clear Power DotPower Center ClearControlled Sound Clear
Texture Coated Power DotPower Center / Reverse DotControlled Sound Coated
Hi Energy Clear
New Orleans Special
Studio-X Clear
Studio-X Texture Coated
Studio-X Clear Power Dot
Force I ClearEQ4 Clear
Force I Texture CoatedEQ4 Frosted
P3 Fiberskyn Diplomat
EQ4 CalftoneP3 Fiberskyn Ambassador
Modern Vintage Felt StripP3 Felt Tone Fiberskyn
Focus X Clear
Focus X CoatedGenera Coated
Powerstroke P3 Clear
Powerstroke P3 Suede
Powerstroke P3 Coated
Genera Dry Coated
Super-Kick I ClearEMAD ClearPowerstroke Pro Clear
EMAD CoatedPowerstroke Pro Coated
EMAD Calftone
Impact I Clear
Super-Kick III Power Dot
Impact III Power Dot
G12 Clear
G12 CoatedAmbassador X Coated
Controlled Sound X Coated
HD Coated
G14 Clear
G14 CoatedAmbassador X14 Coated
HD Dry Coated
EC1 Reverse Dot
Super 2 Clear
Super 2 Coated
Super 2 Clear Power Dot
Super 2 Clear Studio-X Ring
GMAD Clear
Powersonic Clear
Powersonic Coated
Response 2 ClearG2 ClearEmperor Clear
Response 2 Texture CoatedG2 CoatedEmperor Coated
Response 2 Clear Power Dot
Modern Vintage II
Hi Velocity
Performance 2 ClearEC2S ClearPinstripe Clear
Performance 2 CoatedEC2S FrostedPinstripe Coated
EQ3 ClearPowerstroke P4 Clear
EQ3 FrostedPowerstroke P4 Coated
Modern Vintage II Felt Strip
Modern Vintage II Super-Kick
Emperor Vintage Clear
Emperor Suede
ST CoatedEmperor Vintage Coated
ST Dry Coated
Super-Kick II Clear
Impact II Clear
EMAD 2 Clear
EC Frosted
EC Reverse Dot Coated
Force Ten Clear
Force Ten Coated
Emperor X Black Suede
Hi-Impact CoatedHeavyweight CoatedEmperor X Coated
Deep Vintage II
Triple Threat
Super-Kick 10 ClearEMAD Heavyweight Clear
Super-Kick 10 Coated
Deep Vintage II Felt Strip
Deep Vintage II Super-Kick

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A few notes on the drumhead comparison chart above:
  • In general, the drumhead comparison chart goes from thinnest and brightest, to thickest and warmest heads.
  • Open (non-dampened) drumheads are usually before drumheads with built-in dampening.
  • Drumheads from different brands can sound slightly different, even when they have the exact same specs, due to different manufacturing processes, materials, and design. In the bigger picture though, these differences are usually small compared to how ply/thickness/dampening/etc alters the sound. Some drumheads don’t match up exactly, but if they’re listed side-by-side on the comparison chart, you can be confident that they are very closely related.
  • Still confused? Need some help deciding which drumhead to choose?
    See this page for tips on how to choose a drumhead.

Great care has been taken to ensure all of the drumhead comparisons in the chart are as accurate as possible. Notice something in the comparison chart that doesn’t add up? Please get in touch – it will be fixed ASAP!

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