Freddy Charles Article & Practice Pad Review

Two new articles are now online, this time focusing on the all-important practice pad.

Freddy Charles Drum Practice Pad

As a drummer, the practice pad is the go-to tool to improve your chops. There’s an endless number of pads out there, making it difficult to figure out which one is best. Luckily we’ve come across a great one: the Freddy Charles signature practice pad. It’s built for bounce, and (importantly) you get some very nice educational content with the pad to ensure you’re making the most of the rebound the pad provides.

Read our review of the Freddy Charles practice pad here.

Freddy was also nice enough to also write an article for us, which shows beginner drummers where to start when using a practice pad. Take a look at Freddy’s great article on learning drums with a practice pad here.