43+ Guitar Gifts: The Best Gifts for Guitarists

Looking for the best gifts for guitarists for any budget? You’re in the right place.
This is the ultimate guide: The best guitar gifts to put a huge smile on your guitarist’s face.

Best Guitar Gifts - Gift Ideas For Guitar Players

We’ve compiled the best gifts for guitarists, categorized by price: Find the best guitar gift ideas for the musician in your life. Use the links (below) to jump to a specific price range, or scroll down to view everything.

These guitarist gift ideas are perfect for Christmas presents, birthdays, graduations, weddings, or any other time when you need to find something great to gift to a guitarist. And if you’re a guitarist yourself, then this list is for you too: Go ahead and treat yourself… you deserve it, right?

Importantly, this guitar gift guide is written by musicians, for musicians: Everyone involved in this article has been playing guitar for at least a decade, and we have a very strict “no junk” policy. We put these guitar gifts under the microscope: If there’s a hint of cheap quality, bad reviews, or poor customer service, the item doesn’t make it onto this gift list, so your guitarist won’t be disappointed. If you see something here that you’re not happy with, please let us know.

Even if it seems like your guitar lover has everything, this page will give you some great gift ideas. If you can’t find the right gift, we want to know about it! (and also let us know if you’ve got a great gift for a guitarist to suggest). If you’re looking for a more generalized list of gifts for musicians, check out our musician gift guide here.

Note: All price ranges are in US Dollars. The links below will take you directly to Amazon, where you can see the best prices for each guitar gift.

guitar gifts under $20

Looking for guitar gifts on a budget? We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most unique, thoughtful, and interesting budget gifts for guitar players. The best thing is that these gifts cost next to nothing, and everything here is stuff that guitarists will actually use (so you’ll score points for thoughtfulness). Get one gift, or combine them if you have a greater budget to build a great guitar gift pack.

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Guitar Capo    Amazon

Best guitar gifts for guitarists: Capo for electric or acoutsic guitar This one is first on our list for a reason: A capo is essential for any serious guitarist, making it the perfect guitar gift. If they don’t have one, gifting your guitarist a capo is a sure-fire win. The capo clamps onto the neck of the guitar, to instantly allow guitarists to play music in different keys. A LOT of songs use a capo, so it’s almost certain they’ll need one if they’re either a) playing covers, or b) writing music with a band. A capo is perfect for quickly changing up the guitar’s sound, or helping the guitar track fit with a singer’s preferred range. Guitar Gifts - #1 Pick

Dunlop makes great capos that won’t break the bank (please avoid buying dirt-cheap capos, as they often won’t clamp down as tightly, making the strings rattle and buzz). Dunlop capos are a go-to choice for musicians, and are verified to last for years.

When buying a capo you generally have two choices, depending on whether your guitarist plays acoustic or electric guitar:

Here’s our recommended Dunlop electric guitar capo, and here’s the acoustic guitar version. You can usually put an acoustic guitar capo onto an electric guitar (and vice-versa), so if your guitarist plays both types of guitar it won’t be a big problem to simply buy one capo. If they only play one type of guitar though (electric or acoustic), it’s helpful if your gift is the same type of capo, to ensure the most snug fit possible.

NE Music One Series Guitar Multi Tool   

Best guitar gifts for guitarists: NE Music One Series Guitars sometimes need a tune-up, and sometimes things can come loose or break at the worst moment (i.e. on stage, right before that big important song).  Don’t let the guitar player in your life suffer more than they need with a minor problem: Gift them a multi tool that can take care of the majority of issues that can come up with their instrument of choice.

NE Music’s One Series guitar multi tool is like Swiss army knife, designed specifically for guitarists and bass players. It comes with 16 different tools folded into one body, giving you something that fits nicely in your guitarist’s gig bag or backpack that can be pulled out whenever needed. Specifically, NE Music’s multi tool included 6x hex (a.k.a. Allen) keys, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, 3x socket wrench heads, a socket extension rod, 3x slotted wrenches, and a spoke wrench.

Altogether, the included tools cover the most common needs of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, and other music equipment (for example, the screws on amps, pedals, pedalboards, recording gear, etc). They’re even useful on drums, so your guitarist will be everybody’s best friend when playing shows. Besides on-stage emergencies, this tool will help your guitarist set up and make adjustments to their guitar, so they can ensure it plays the exact way they need it to. For all of the above reasons, we 100% recommend that every guitarist owns a multi tool, and NE Music’s One Series multi tool makes for an excellent guitar gift. Check it out here.

Earnie Ball Guitar Slide   

Best guitar gifts for guitarists: Earnie Ball Guitar SlideNeed a cheap but great guitar gift? This one is for you. When it comes to budget guitar gifts, a guitar slide is perfect: It gives a great range of new sound options for the guitarist in your life, and it’s something that every serious guitarist should have in their arsenal.

A slide costs less than $10, and in our opinion, it’s hard to find a guitar accessory that is better and more useful for that price. A slide is a quality and thoughtful gift idea on its own, or something extra to put in a guitar gift pack to add some extra spice.

To be perfectly honest, you can’t really go wrong with any brand of guitar slide (although sometimes really cheap off-brand slides can arrive broken when shipped). We’re recommending Earnie Ball’s glass guitar slides because they’re well-made, they’re excellent value, and they’re well packaged (it won’t break during shipping!). These slides are also suitable for any type of guitar. On top of this, Earnie Ball makes the choice when buying simple: Does your guitarist have small, medium, or large fingers?

See here for the different sizes and buying options, and see below for Led Zeppelin’s version of In My Time Of Dying to hear what a guitar slide can do.

Fender Keychain Leather Guitar Pick Holder   

Best guitar gifts for guitarists: Fender Guitar Pick Key HolderIf you’re looking for a budget gift for a guitarist, look no further than Fender’s guitar pick holder keyring. These make perfect little inexpensive gifts on their own, or great stocking-stuffers at Christmas time when you’re looking for one final gift to put the icing on the cake for your guitar player.

Fender’s guitar pick keyring can comfortably hold up to 6 guitar picks. It snaps shut tightly, it’s made from genuine leather, and it comes with a solid keyring attachment. This is a quality gift that will ensure your guitarist will never be without a pick (so long as they don’t lose their keys!).

Wallet Pick     

Best guitar gifts for guitarists: Wallet PickThis guitar gift is straight-up cool, super cheap, and we’re 99.9% sure your guitarist has never even heard of it (which means you’ll score big points in the “cool gift idea” department).

Fact: Guitarists are always losing their guitar picks. Fact: guitarists *should* always have their wallet/purse with them. The Wallet Pick is a thin card the exact size of a credit card, with cut-outs designed to perfectly fit two standard-sized guitar picks. This means your guitarist can carry picks in their wallet or purse, in any credit card slot, alongside all of their other less-important cards, so they’ll never be without a pick again. It’s a genius idea, done well, that solves a problem that guitarists have faced since the dawn of time.

The Wallet Pick is usually less than $5, making it the perfect budget gift for a guitarist on its own, or as a great addition to a larger gift pack. If you’re crafty you can make something similar out of any old card, although the Wallet Pick is thinner than usual (to allow for the extra thickness of the guitar picks). For under $5, it’s a no-brainer, and one of the best cheap guitar gifts. Check out the Wallet Pick here.

D’Addario Micro Headstock Tuner     

Best guitar gifts for guitarists: D'Addario Micro Headstock Guitar TunerDon’t let your guitarist use an app on their phone to tune their guitar: The D’Addario (Planet Waves) Micro Headstock Tuner is a small, accurate, well-made, and inexpensive guitar tuner that makes for the perfect gift for a guitar lover.

It clamps onto the headstock (top) of the guitar, and will happily live there forever (or be removed anytime), for fast access whenever it’s needed. The tuner comes with a full-color display, multiple viewing angles (so it can be attached at any angle), a built-in clamp that fits on any guitar, and options to calibrate the tuner between 410 and 480Hz (which is enough range for even the most discerning guitarist). Importantly, its low profile means that it can be kept on the guitar even when the guitar is in its case (this thing is tiny, in the best possible way!).

The D’Addario Micro Headstock Tuner is perfect for both electric and acoustic guitars, and as a bonus, the tuner also works on other instruments such as ukeleles, banjos, mandolins, and basses (although it can struggle to get the lowest note on a bass guitar). Check it out here, and put a smile on your guitarist’s face with this excellent guitar gift.

Dunlop Microphone Stand Pick Holder     

Best guitar gifts for guitarists: Dunlop microphone stand guitar pick holderWhen your guitarist is on stage (or in the studio), the last thing they need is to drop or misplace a guitar pick (especially mid-performance, during that really important solo). For this reason, a pick holder for the microphone stand is invaluable. Even if they don’t sing, they can attach it to their singer’s mic stand (the singer won’t mind, trust us!). And if they don’t sing, this might encourage them to put a microphone in front of them on stage.

We recommend the Dunlop mic stand pick holder: It’s made from high-quality rubber, and it easily snaps onto any standard microphone stand. It holds 6 picks, and also has an attachment for holding a guitar slide… So if you’ve already got the Earnie Ball guitar slide in your gift basket (recommended above), this makes for a great accompaniment for your guitarist gift pack.

Don’t let your guitar lover get caught out fumbling for a guitar pick: Check out the Dunlop microphone stand guitar pick holder here, and gift something thoughtful and useful to your guitarist.

$20+ guitar gifts

If you have more than $20 to spend, you can get some great (and really useful) gifts for a guitarist. Below we’ve covered some of the best guitar gifts between $20 and $80, and we’re sure these recommendations can put a smile on your guitarist’s face. Read on to find some of the best choices for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, and graduation gifts for guitar players.

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Vox amPlug Guitar Headphone Amplifier   Amazon

Best music gifts for musicians: Vox amPlugNeed a gift for a guitarist and for yourself? If they’re constantly blasting extremely loud music, this one fits the criteria perfectly: The Vox amPlug is a mini amp that plugs directly into an electric guitar (or into a guitar pedal), allowing the user to connect any set of headphones to play in silence rather than through a real guitar amp.

The Vox amPlug is a top gift for a guitarist because it allows them to play anywhere and anytime – without needing to connect to a real amp, and without needing any other pedals or gear. All they’ll need is a set of headphones and they’re good to go.

Guitar Gifts - #1 Pick

Vox is a solid brand in the music industry, and they’ve packed some great features into this little device. First up, the amPlug has controls for gain, volume, and tone, as well as a button for effects with nine different options (including 3x delay, 3x reverb, and 3x chorus guitar effects). This gives your guitarist more than enough to dial in their preferred tone. If they need more sound options, the Vox amPlug can even be used with their favorite guitar pedals.

Importantly, the amPlug also has an auxiliary input, meaning your guitarist can plug in their favorite music, a metronome, or the recording of their latest rehearsal session to practice with. The amPlug runs on 2x AAA batteries, and you can expect up to 17hrs of battery life. It’s tiny enough to fit in any pocket or gig bag, and the large guitar plug folds into the body of the unit for safe storage.

If you’re searching for a quality set of headphones to gift along with the Vox amPlug, see below for our review of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, which are an industry-standard set of professional musicians headphones, or the AKG K 240 headphones (directly below) for a budget-friendly but still great-quality gift.

Tip: There are a few Vox amPlug options available… The AC30 version (shown above) is the best gift choice for all general-purpose electric guitar playing. Otherwise take a look at the blues, classic rock, metal, or bass guitar versions. Click here to check out all of the available options.

AKG K 240 Studio Headphones    Amazon

Best music gifts for musicians: AKG K 240 HeadphonesFor their low price, the AKG K 240 are some of the absolute best headphones you can buy. There’s a lot of other junk out there, but the K 240 are excellent value, great-sounding, great-looking, and are made for musicians and audiophiles. Specifically for guitar tone, they have a great mid-range response to give a big, full, crunchy sound. The bass is tight and punchy, and higher tones are clear and crisp (which is perfect for acoustic guitar tone).

The overall sound of the AKG 240 can be summed up in one word: Accurate. These headphones don’t alter or color the music you listen to. As a musician, this can be extremely helpful as it keeps you aware of exactly how you sound. This is true when listening alone to your own instrument, your own recordings, and when trying to pick apart the magic sound of your favorite artist’s song.

Importantly, the cable on the AKG K 240 is replaceable. The cable is the first thing to wear out on any set of headphones, so it’s great to see AKG thinking about longevity. The cable in the box has a 3.5mm stereo plug to connect these headphones to a phone, computer, consumer audio equipment, or the Vox amPlug we mentioned above. There’s also a 6.3mm adapter included, meaning these headphones can be used with professional audio gear, headphone outputs on guitar amps, and recording equipment.

Along with a great sound, the AKG K 240 headphones are well-made. They’re solid and surprisingly lightweight considering their look and build. A flexible steel top and suspension band are designed to quickly adjust to the wearer, to fit any head type. Check them out here.

Tip: If you’ve got a little more to spend, check out the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones (below), which are a very nice upgrade.

Lock-It Guitar Strap   

Best guitar gifts: Lock-It Leather Guitar Strapgreat guitar strap is a gift your guitarist will keep forever, and Lock-It makes some of the best. The reason they’re so good is because of the locking mechanism that attaches the strap to the guitar: It’s a spring-loaded system that holds very securely. If your guitar player has used other cheaper guitar straps, they’ll appreciate this gift (especially if they’re highly protective of their favorite guitar).

These guitar straps will fit any model of guitar (both electric and acoustic). They’re made in the USA from top-quality materials, and are built to last. We could keep writing about it, but sometimes it’s better to just see something in action for yourself… Take a look at how well it actually holds a guitar below:

Lock-It offers a standard version here. For a slightly fancier gift, Lock-It also offers a hand-sewn premium leather guitar strap, with a soft center area (for extra comfort on the neck and shoulder when worn). Check them out here.

Planet Waves Guitar Cables   

Best gifts for guitarists: Planet Waves Guitar Cables

Fact: Guitarists can never have too many cables. Another fact: You don’t need to buy super expensive diamond-encrusted 24-carat-gold cables (please don’t). But you do need to buy good quality ones: Dirt cheap guitar cables will stop working (usually at the worst possible time), and they’re always a source of frustration for guitarists and other musicians.

We recommend D’Addario Planet Waves cables because they’re reliable and built specifically for musicians, making them an excellent gift for a guitarist. They’re available in different lengths, as well as straight-end and right-angle plugs. If you’re unsure of which one to gift, guitarists usually prefer the straight to right angle version, and 15ft is a good length.  Guitarists use a lot of expensive gear, so it makes sense to use quality cables.

Guitar Amp Key Holder   Amazon

For a super cool and unique guitar gift, look no further than this guitar amp key holder. Mount it on the wall just inside the front door or in the garage, and “plug” your keys in for safekeeping when you’re at home.

This made-in-the-USA key holder comes with four key-holding guitar jacks, with each one plugging into the amp. You’ll get a wall mounting bracket and hardware, and it’s fairly easy to install. The materials used are quality (nickel-plating, wood, powder-coated steel, and vinyl), and there’s even a working battery-powered light (just like a real guitar amp) – and the battery is included.

Depending on the style of your guitarist, there are a few different guitar amp key holders to gift them: A “standard” black amp with silver plating, an orange amp, a seafoam amp, tweed, all-black classic, and more (see them all here). These are super cool gifts for guitar lovers, and something they’ll actually use every single day when they walk out the door.

Note: There are some cheaper versions of these guitar gifts out there, made with plastic and stickers. Avoid these, because they’re much lower quality. Make sure you buy the version we’ve covered above (made by DropLight).

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Hearing Protection   Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Musician's hearing protection
Hearing protection is super important for musicians: Guitarists depend on their ears to play, and they’re at a huge risk of long-term hearing damage when rehearsing and playing in medium and high-volume environments.

Guitar Gifts - #1 Pick
Due to this, it’s a no-brainer that quality musicians’ hearing protection makes for one of the best gifts for any guitarist. A lot of cheap earplugs will leave you with muffled sound, which is something that no guitarist wants. Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs are specifically designed to avoid this: They reduce the volume to a safe level, without altering the sound much at all.

Guitarists are usually very particular about their sound, so Alpine includes 3 different types of interchangeable filters to use in the earplugs (which reduce the volume by a low, medium, and high amount). Alpine also provides a carry case, a spare earplug (a really thoughtful addition, in case one plug gets lost!), a carrying cord, and cleaning spray. As well as being perfect when playing guitar, these earplugs are excellent for watching live music – you’ll get a great sound without getting hearing loss. Check out this great gift for your guitarist here, and pick up a pair for yourself as well if you’re around loud environments (seriously, look after your hearing).

T-Shirts For Guitarists   

Best gifts for guitarists: Guitar-themed t-shirts

Cool music clothing is always a great gift choice, and guitarists have some of the coolest options out there. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the best stuff we’ve found (our own favorite guitarist shirts, and stuff we wish someone would gift to us!).

First up: guitar brand t-shirts. Guitarists love to rep their favorite brand, so you’re on to a winner with this gift (as long as you know what brand of guitar they play!). Brands like Fender, Gibson, Les Paul and Gretsch look amazing printed on a shirt.

Up next, guitar-themed shirts. What does that mean? Think of unique guitar images printed onto a shirt: The classic evolution print of ape-to-man (but with a guitar), a heartbeat pattern with a guitar, or some very artsy arrangements.

And finally, some funny guitar t-shirt gift ideas. Because what’s life without a little laughter? Novelty shirts including “I’m a guitarist grandpa – just like a normal grandpa except much cooler”, “I’m not old, I’m a classic”, “I might look like I’m listening to you, but in my head I’m playing guitar… Or I’m thinking about buying another one”, and – our personal favorite – “Best D A D ever” (your guitar player will get the joke, even if nobody else does).

Anthology Guitar Pick Holder Wallet (Leather)   Amazon

If your guitarist is like any that we know, they’re always losing their guitar picks. Sure they’ll put one in the pocket of their jeans, but unless they’re wearing those same jeans every single day (which we want to discourage), that pick is never where it needs to be.

Help your guitarist to help themselves: the Anthology guitar pick holder wallet means they’ll never be fumbling for a guitar pick again (unless they lose their wallet, in which case they have bigger problems). This is one of those guitar gifts that shows you’re really thinking about what your guitarist needs.

Importantly, the wallet itself is absolutely top quality: Anthology is an American brand that uses only the best quality leather (full-grain), tough thread, and each wallet is hand-made. It comes with 6 card slots, 2 interior pockets, a cash compartment, and -most importantly- two dedicated slots for guitar picks. These wallets come in 4 different colors: aged steel, carbon black, tobacco, and whiskey brown. Check out the different options here, and buy a gift your guitarist will love.

Korg TM60 Guitarist Metronome & Tuner   Amazon

Timing is everything. And for musicians, it’s even more important. If your guitarist can’t practice with a real drummer 100% of the time, a metronome is the next best thing (and depending on the drummer, it might actually be a whole lot better). When running through guitar exercises and practicing at home, any guitar teacher will recommend using a metronome to get a sense of timing, and to understand where different notes fit in with the beat. Knowing how to play with a metronome is also often necessary when recording guitar in the studio.  Put simply, no serious guitarist should be without one.

There are a lot of metronomes out there, but the Korg TM60 is one of the best when it comes to price and features for guitarists. It covers all the important time signature variations, 15 rhythm variations, 30 to 252 bpm, it has a large display, great battery life, and a huge range of other features.

It also doubles as a tuner, both with its internal microphone, and a special clip-on microphone that is especially handy when tuning in very loud environments: The clip-on microphone detects the instrument’s vibration (rather than “hearing” the sound waves traveling through the air).

For both the price and features, the TM60 is extremely hard to beat, making this our metronome-of-choice when recommending guitar gifts. Give your guitarist the gift of great timing – check out the Korg TM60 here.

Ernie Ball Musician’s Toolkit  Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Ernie Ball Musician's Toolkit for GuitarThis kit has everything your guitarist will need to restring, set up, clean and maintain their beloved instruments. It’s also perfect to have handy when playing shows, in case something needs to be changed or repaired quickly before they need to play that important solo.

Ernie Ball’s Musician’s Toolkit comes with a huge range of essential guitarist tools. You’ll get string cutters, a microfiber polishing cloth, Ernie Ball’s wonder wipes (for cleaning strings and fretboards), a string winder, a 6″ stainless steel ruler (for measuring string height), 13 hex wrenches, and a 6-in-1 screwdriver (with 2x Phillips heads, 2x flat heads, and 2x nut drivers).

Everything comes in a nice and compact zip-up back carrier bag. It’s a perfect gift for taking care of guitars at home, and also an essential accessory for gigs when an on-stage emergency hits (breaking a string mid-song is never fun!).

D’Addario Humidipak Humidity Control System  Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: D'Addario Humidipack Guitar Humidity Control
D’Addario nailed the description for the Humidipack:

“Your guitar still thinks it’s a tree. Hydrate it.”

If you guitarist 1) plays an acoustic or hollow body guitar, and 2) loves that guitar more than anything in the world, then the Humidipack is the gift you need to get them. The Humidipack keeps the relative humidity of the guitar between 45% and 55%, which is the sweet spot for these instruments.

The humidity level is quite important, because the wood that a guitar is made from can shrink, shift, bend out of shape, or even crack (in extreme cases) when it’s too dry. If you’re in a location with a dry climate, or a location where heating is needed in wintertime (which causes the air to become dry) then this can easily become an issue.

When the guitar’s wood is getting dry, the Humidipack will slowly release its moisture – it’s placed inside the guitar case with the guitar, living inside a soft mesh pouch. When there’s no moisture left, the Humidipack can actually be “recharged” by putting it in an airtight container, with some water in a separate area of the container (ensure the water doesn’t actually touch the Humidipack). These are excellent (and inexpensive) gifts for guitar players who like to take great care of their instruments.

This Is Your Brain On Music    Amazon

Best guitar gifts: Book - This Is Your Brain On Music This isn’t specifically a gift for a guitarist, but “This Is Your Brain On Music” is an excellent choice for any music lover, which is why it’s getting a special mention here. The book covers the science related to how music interacts with the brain, with great insights and facts on how and why music is so important to people worldwide. Written by neuroscientist and author Daniel Levitan, this bestselling book is actually very easy to read (despite what the topic might lead you to believe).Guitar Gifts - #1 Pick

Levitin’s easy-to-understand writing style helps readers explore everything we know about sound, the human brain, and how music plays such a key role in every society and culture that we’ve ever known.

If you’ve ever wondered how specific songs create deep emotional attachments, why melodies get stuck in your head, and how compositions interact with the human brain to build pleasure in the listening experience, this is the book for you. All information is referenced for readers looking to explore things more deeply. This book is a great gift for a guitarist, regardless of their skill level or music style. And better still, the paperback version is super cheap.

$80+ guitar gifts

When you’re looking at guitar gifts in the $80+ price range, you’ll find some really great stuff. Below we’ve listed some of the most useful, unique, thoughtful, and surefire hit gifts for guitar lovers. These gifts are perfect to help your guitar player improve their sound, improve their playing space, and to help them take their instrument to the next level.

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EBow Electronic Bow for Guitars     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: EBowThe EBow is a powerful secret weapon for guitarists, which makes it one of the best guitar gifts.

These great little gadgets are used to imitate bows, horns, woodwind instruments, and other-worldly sounds – all on an electric guitar. They work by vibrating the guitar’s strings to produce an endless sustain, with a rich and full sound. Depending on the playing technique, a huge range of sounds are possible with this one device. There are some great tutorial videos available (like the one below) to showcase some of the amazing things the EBow can do. The versatility of this device makes it one of the best gifts for guitarists.

The EBow is made by a Los Angeles USA-based company, and it’s made a mark across the globe… EBows are used by some of the world’s best artists to push their guitar sound to new levels. These are great gifts for guitar players, to inspire them and to really expand their toolkit of sounds. Check out the video below to see exactly what this device can do, and click here to see more.

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Guitar Pedal     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Guitar PedalGuitarists are often plagued by unwanted buzzing, hissing, humming, and scratching coming through their amp or recording interface, and this happens with regular electric guitars, with basses, and with electric acoustic guitars.

These noise issues can be especially problematic when using certain types of guitars and pickups, when using a lot of pedals, with certain types of guitar pedals (looking at you, overdrive), or when plugged into less-than-ideal power sources: Sometimes you’ll arrive to play a show and end up needing to plug into the same power board that is shared by 5 other people. For all of these reasons, a quality noise gate guitar pedal is essential. These pedals are specifically designed to cut out everything but the guitar sound, leaving you with a clean and clear tone.

When it comes to noise gate pedals, the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor is one of the best out there. Three knobs allow for a great level of control over the threshold, decay, and type of noise gating. The circuitry of the pedal and the built-in buffer are designed to retain the natural punch and fading of a guitar’s sound, while cutting out other unwanted noises. The pedal can run on a 9v battery or via a power adapter, and it can even provide power to other pedals when plugged in. It’s a simple pedal that will make a big impact on your guitar player’s sound, making this a perfect gift idea.

The NS-2 is a go-to pedal for professional guitarists worldwide (you’ll often see one in use when looking at the pedalboards of touring bands). Boss backs their pedals with a 5-year warranty, and they have a reputation for building pedals that can take an absolute beating. For all of these reasons, the NS-2 Noise Suppressor is an excellent choice for your guitar lover.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Recording Interface     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Focusrite Scarlett Recording InterfaceIf your guitarist is writing and recording original music, a recording interface is an essential piece of gear to help them get their ideas into a computer and build songs the right way. Focusrite’s Scarlett range allows for recording professional-quality audio at home or on the go, and they’re used by professional musicians worldwide.

This recording interface allows your guitarist to plug in and record via a TRS cable (i.e. a standard guitar cable) or using their favorite microphone (pointed at a guitar amp or acoustic guitar), meaning it can handle anything you can throw at it (electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, etc). Focusrite makes extremely high-quality preamps, and the controls are simple but powerful: Separate gain controls for the microphone and TRS inputs, a phantom power button, a direct monitoring button, headphone output, balanced line outputs, and clear red/green visuals to ensure the audio is at the right level.

The interface connects to a computer (it works with both PC and Mac) and comes with a great range of recording software and plugins: You’ll get Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack, Ableton Live Lite, Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite’s Red Plug-in Suite, and more. Otherwise, your guitarist can also use their favorite recording software. All of this means your guitarist just needs to plug in, load up the software, and hit the record button.

The Focusrite Scarlett is a guitar gift that will hit the mark, regardless of whether your guitarist is just starting out their recording journey, or they’re a seasoned studio pro.

Gator Frameworks Guitarist Seat     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Gator Frameworks Guitarists ChairGator is known for making great music gear. Their Frameworks guitarist seat is a perfect guitar gift, and it’s almost certain they don’t have one.  This seat is specifically designed for guitarists, with some great features that will make it easy for them to instantly pick up their instrument and play.

First up, it’s a chair that is very well-made: The padding is thick and comfortable, the built-in footrest is perfect for resting a guitar on your leg, it’s quick to assemble, and it folds up in an instant to make room when extra space is needed. It’s also built very solidly, holing up to 300lbs. The backrest is removable, so your guitarist can set it up to their personal preferences.

As well as being perfect for sitting on to play guitar, the cool thing about this chair is that it has a built-in guitar stand that will hold acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. The guitar rests on the bottom part of the chair, leaning up against the padded area of the seat. It’s a great two-in-one guitar accessory that is really well-made. The Gator Frameworks guitar seat makes for a great gift for a guitarist, and it’ll be a perfect addition to their music room.

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal

Producing arguably one of the most iconic guitar sounds ever, the Cry Baby is the original wah pedal. It first became available in 1966, sparking a complete reimagination of what an electric guitar can do. Players like Jimi Hendrix instantly turned on to the sound, and since then these pedals have been used on countless records by rock, metal, funk, alternative, pop, and just about every other music style that has a guitar.

While wah pedals like the Cry Baby are best known for producing instantly recognizable shifts in a guitar’s tone, they’re also often used to provide very subtle and interesting variations that can fly under the radar. These variations can really lift up a guitar riff or solo, even when they’re not readily noticeable unless you’re really paying attention.

The original Cry Baby pedal makes for one of the best gifts for guitar players – this exact pedal is used on countless albums by world-renowned guitarists from all music styles. The pedal is made with a heavy die-cast construction to handle constant foot pressure, and it can run on a 9v battery or a power cable. It’s simple to set up and install, and it’s an absolute blast to use.

Slash’s guitar solo in Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O Mine is a great example of what a wah pedal can do to add attitude and spice to a guitar part, to add inflection to certain notes, and to help build the intensity of the solo… listen to it below.

Pedaltrain Guitar Pedalboard     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Pedaltrain Guitar PedalboardRegardless of whether your guitarist plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or bass guitar, one thing holds true: Guitarists love pedals. If they’re like any of the guitarists we know, they’ll have more pedals than they can safely carry, leading to a mess of cables on the floor and an impossible-to-take-anywhere guitar sound. A great pedalboard changes that, allowing your guitarist to organize their pedal setup in a neat and transportable way. Think of a pedalboard like giving the gift of neat-and-tidiness to your guitarist.

Pedaltrain makes some of the best pedalboards available, specifically designed for guitarists with some great features. Depending on how many pedals your guitarist has, there are both big and small options.

For a small pedal setup, take a look at the Pedaltrain Nano, which can hold up to 6 standard-sized guitar pedals. If that won’t cut it, try the Pedaltrain Classic Jr, with enough space for up to 10 standard-size pedals. There are a lot of larger options available… If your guitarist knows no limits when it comes to pedals, you’ll want to gift them the Pedaltrain Terra, which holds a monstrous 25+ guitar pedals.

All Pedaltrain pedalboards come with a tough bag for easy and safe transporting, enough velcro to securely attach your guitar pedals, and an assortment of zip ties (which are perfect for attaching cables and power supplies). The Pedaltrain frame itself is made from hand-welded aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s tough, lightweight, and has rails spaced exactly where they’re needed for perfect pedal placement. A Pedaltrain is one of the best gifts for guitarists, and it’s something that will last them a lifetime.

Boss RC-1 Loop Station     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Boss Loop Station Guitar LooperA loop pedal is something every guitarist loves to use, regardless of whether they play solo or in a band. The Boss RC-1 is one of the best mid-price loop pedals around, with a great range of features housed in a very user-friendly design that makes it a blast to play with. It works with electric guitars, basses, and electric acoustic guitars.

The unit has enough space to loop 12 minutes of guitar sound, and runs on a 9v battery, or via an AC adapter. The interface allows easy switching between recording, playing, and overdubbing (to add loops on top of loops). When powered off, the recorded content is saved on the unit, so nothing is lost. The Boss RC-1 also supports stereo and mono input/output (this is nice to see, since stereo can be important for some effects pedals, amps, and instruments).

For a great, fun, and super easy to use loop pedal, take a look at the Boss RC-1 Loop Station. If you’re looking for a more advanced gift for a guitarist, Boss also has the RC-3 Loop Station (which comes with 3hrs of recording time, a built-in drum machine, computer connectivity, and the ability to store 99 different loops).

Boss backs their pedals with a 5-year warranty, and we can affirm that these pedals are built to handle years of abuse.

CAHAYA Waterproof Guitar Case Backpack     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: CAHAYA Waterproof Guitar Case BackpackCAHAYA makes great-looking and super functional guitar cases that are sure to put a smile on your guitarist’s face when they receive one as a gift.

There are a few different options, depending on the exact type of guitar you need a case for. Pictured is the 3/4 size waterproof acoustic guitar backpack. CAHAYA also makes a full-size acoustic guitar backpack, as well as a nice range of electric guitar cases. Regardless of the type of guitar you’re buying for, you’ll find one that will fit.

These guitar cases are built very well, with padding, reinforcement, and pockets (for spare strings, picks, and all that other important stuff) in all the right places. The zippers are solid, the foam protective areas are thick, and the overall feel is very sturdy without being too heavy. For the price, it’s hard to find anything that will beat them, making these guitar cases some of the best gifts for guitarists.

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$120+ guitar gifts

There are some great guitar gear out there if you have some extra money to invest. Here’s a round-up of the most interesting, useful, and essential equipment for guitarists starting at $120. Whether you need a birthday gift, graduation gift, anniversary gift or Christmas gift for a guitarist, we’ve got you covered.

Zoom H2n Audio Recorder     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Zoom H2n Handy RecorderThis little device is a not-so-secret weapon of guitarists and musicians who write and perform their own music. Think of this audio recorder as a Swiss army knife for recording demos, song ideas, rehearsals, and capturing memories of live shows. It’s feature-packed, powerful, and extremely easy to use, meaning there’s less button-pushing and more time taking down those riff ideas, rehearsals, and shows.

Guitar Gifts - #1 Pick The Zoom H2n comes with five built-in microphones and four different recording settings (2-channel stereo, 4-channel surround sound, X/Y, and mid-side). Altogether, this means your guitarist will be able to record great audio regardless of whether they’re playing solo or with a full band. There are also on-board features and effects including automatic gain control (to avoid distorted recordings in loud environments – making this device perfect for recording live shows), compression, limiting, and low-cut filtering. It comes with an extra input (for adding another microphone or other audio source), a headphone output, and a built-in speaker to listen to recordings instantly.

Other handy features include an auto-record function (for hands-free recording, which is perfect when there’s a guitar in your hands), a built-in metronome, and a built-in guitar and bass tuner. The unit runs on 2x AA batteries, and records WAV and MP3 to an SD card (supporting cards up to 32GB). If you’re gifting one of these to a guitarist, make sure to include an SD card (they’re not expensive at all, and we recommend this one).

As well as being a perfect on-the-go audio recorder, the Zoom H2n also functions as an audio interface and USB microphone, which is a key feature for serious recording musicians who need to carefully craft their sound. It will work with industry-standard recording programs (DAWs) like Pro-Tools, Garage Band, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, and more (and Zoom actually gives you a free copy of Cubase LE and WaveLab LE in the box!).

For all of the above reasons, the Zoom H2n is one of the best gifts for guitarists that you’ll find, and it’s sure to put a smile on their face. Check it out here.

Ultralight Acoustic-Electric Traveler Guitar     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Traveler Ultralight Travel Guitar For guitarists who are constantly on the go (for example on school or business trips), it can be very hard to constantly carry an instrument. It’s super important to be able to 1) practice, and 2) unwind with your guitar after a busy day, which is where a travel guitar comes in.

The Traveler Guitar fits the bill perfectly: It’s a well-built and feature-packed compact guitar, and (importantly) the neck is a full-scale 24 3/4″ size (meaning it plays like a real, full-sized guitar). It’s built with a single piece of solid American maple, and comes with a bag and detachable lap rest (to allow the guitar to sit on your lap, just like a real one).

The guitar fits in airline overhead compartments (which is invaluable for any guitarist who has tried traveling with a real full-size guitar!), and it weighs less than 3 pounds (meaning you’ll always come in below the airline’s weight limit). When it comes to the sound, this guitar is quiet enough to be played anywhere without disturbing anyone, but gives enough sound for the player to hear what they’re doing. When it needs to be heard with more volume, the built-in jack allows the Traveler to be plugged into any guitar amp, or used with a headphone amp (like the Vox amPlug we reviewed above). Due to its solid build quality and great features, the Traveler is a top gift for a guitar player who is always on the move – check it out here.

Boss WL-50 Wireless Guitar System     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: Boss WL-50 wireless guitar systemSometimes you just need to move. Being tied down with guitar cables isn’t fun – especially on stage, and especially when there are other instruments with their own cables to get tangled up with.

The Boss WL-50 wireless guitar system means your guitarist can say goodbye to a guitar cable locking them in place. It features both a wireless transmitter and a receiver, with built-in charging. The receiver fits alongside your guitarist’s other pedals, it runs on DC or battery power, and even allows DC power output (to share power with the other pedals your guitarist is using).

Feature-wise, you can tell Boss has thought about exactly how guitarists will use this wireless pack. First up, the sound quality is excellent. The transmitter docks into the receiver to automatically charge. The transmitter’s battery will last up to 12 hours, and it works well up to 65 feet from the receiver (which should be enough for just about any guitar player, even on big stages). There’s even a switch to simulate a guitar cable’s tone (yes that’s a thing). The WL-50 can also function comfortably with over a dozen other WL-50s in the same room (which makes this unit more versatile than other cheaper brands).

For the guitarist who is constantly moving around on stage, in the rehearsal space, or just at home, the Boss WL-50 makes for an excellent gift choice.

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Guitar Pedal     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: MXR Carbon Copy Guitar PedalA great delay pedal is one of the best accessories for guitarists, regardless of their skill level or music style. It’s arguably one of the most essential pedals that all guitarists should have in their collection. MXR’s Carbon Copy analog delay pedal is one of the best out there, and it’s sure to put a smile on any guitar player’s face (and hence, this is a great gift idea).

Feature-wise, this guitar pedal provides up to 600ms of delay time (which is more than enough to cover 99% of a guitarist’s needs). The audio is fully analog, and the pedal comes with 3x controls for delay, mix, and regen (i.e. delay repeats), and 2x controls for width and rate control.

Altogether, this gives your guitarist enough options to go from a hard, fast, and crisp delay, to a booming epic sound, and everything in between (think slapbacks, swirls, echoes, etc.). MXR’s Carbon Copy delay pedals are continually popping up on “best of” guitar lists, and for good reason: These are excellent-sounding, professional-grade pedals that make for an excellent guitar gift.

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb Guitar Pedal     Amazon

Best gifts for guitarists: TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Guitar Reverb PedalThink about some of your favorite guitar songs, and you’ll realize right away that reverb and guitars go hand in hand – they’re simply a match made in heaven. Adding a touch of reverb to a delicate riff, or a mountain of reverb to an epic solo, and you’ll instantly lift the song to a whole new level every single time. There are some amazing reverb pedals out there (which makes it hard to recommend just one), but we’re extremely confident that the TC Electronic’s Hall Of Fame 2 reverb pedal will check all the boxes for your guitarist. Therefore, we’re more than happy to put this reverb pedal forward as an excellent guitar gift.

Why is the Hall Of Fame 2 an excellent choice? First up, the original Hall Of Fame was (and still is) a huge hit with guitarists (and is a best-selling pedal itself). The Hall Of Fame 2 takes all of the features of the original version and adds even more versatility, while still keeping the pedal easy to use. There are 11 different reverb types (ranging from small rooms to epic church-hall style reverbs), controls to customize the decay, tone, and level, and a switch for different pre-delay styles. The pedal also supports stereo-in and out, allowing it to work perfectly with any other stereo guitar pedals, amps, or recording gear.

Another really cool feature is the pedal’s footswitch, which is pressure-sensitive (a feature not often seen in guitar pedals). The pressure sensitivity allows you to control the amount of reverb simply by pressing harder or softer on the pedal. It’s an extremely useful idea that gives really fine-level and instant control of your guitar sound.

If your guitarist is really particular about their reverb sound, the Hall Of Fame 2 also allows them to create their own personalized reverbs (super cool!). The pedal comes with space to store custom reverb settings, which can be created by connecting the pedal to a computer. Taking this one step further, there’s also a “tone-print” option, where users can download the exact reverb sounds of their guitar idols, and load them directly onto the pedal to recreate that sound (see the huge list of artists here).

For all of the above reasons, TC Electronic’s Hall Of Fame 2 reverb pedal is our go-to choice when recommending the best gifts for guitarists. Check it out here.

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Guitar Pedal     Amazon

Best gifts for guitar players: Boss TU-3 Guitar Tuner PedalIf you’re not in tune, well… you’ve got big problems. All guitarists need a tuner in their arsenal (yes, even those guitar players who can tune by ear). Boss tuner pedals are an industry-standard pedal for guitarists, so they fit perfectly on our list of the best gifts for guitar players.

First up, it goes without saying that these pedals are extremely accurate. The large LED color display makes it easy to tune your guitar, regardless of whether you’re at home or standing on a dark stage (there’s even a brightness control). This tuner works with both guitars and basses, allowing you to tune by string number and via the chromatic mode. it supports standard tunings, drop tunings, and flat tunings, meaning your guitarist is covered regardless of their music style.

Boss chromatic guitar tuner pedals are the gold standard in the music industry for a reason: They’re reliable, they’re built like a rock, they’re backed by a 5-year warranty, and they simply do their job perfectly every time. The Boss TU-3 is the only tuner pedal a guitarist will ever need, which is something that is hard to say for a lot of other guitar accessories out there. For all of these reasons, your guitarist is sure to be pleased when they open this gift.

Stagg GDC-6 Universal Guitar Stand     Amazon

Best gifts for guitar lovers: Stagg GDC-6 Universal Guitar StandIf you’re looking for a nice step up from those regular, boring, and often ugly and mismatched guitar stands, this is for you. The Stagg GDC-6 universal guitar stand looks fantastic, holds all types of guitars securely, and has space for up to 6 of them (or 3 full-size acoustic guitars). It’s a great addition to a music room, rehearsal space, or wherever your guitarist likes to play their favorite instruments.

One of the best things about this guitar stand is that it folds into itself, to end up looking like a slim electric guitar case. This makes it perfect for taking to shows, allowing your guitarist to bring multiple guitars on stage without worrying about transporting bulky stands to the venue. The space for 6 guitars is handy, because it’s all but guaranteed that the bass player will want to use it as well.

While this stand is spacious enough to hold up to 6 guitars, it’s still relatively compact so it won’t take up too much space. The case is made from wood, with a black vinyl outer finish and plush soft interior to avoid leaving scratches on the instruments it holds. Check it out here.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones   Amazon

Best music gifts for musicians: ATH-M50x HeadphonesWhen it comes to headphones for musicians, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x really hit the mark. Why? These headphones sound amazing, they’re highly functional, and they’re a go-to choice for professional musicians, audio engineers, and anyone involved in sound recording.

The ATH-M50x headphones also go hand-in-hand with some of the other guitar gifts we’ve covered on this page… When they’re combined with the Vox amPlug we reviewed above, you’re getting into best-gift-ever territory for your guitar player (allowing them to play anywhere, anytime, with an amazing sound). These headphones also pair extremely well with the Focusrite Scarlett recording interface we reviewed above, allowing your guitarist to record (and more importantly, accurately edit and mix) professional-quality sound at home.

Drum Gifts - #1 PickJust as important to playing, recording, and mixing music is the ability to actually enjoy music, and Audio-Technica ATH-MX50x makes that easy to do as well. These headphones sound great, with rich bass, full mids, and clear treble that isn’t too in-your-face. They’re comfortable to wear, and they produce a solid seal around the ears (to stop sounds leaking in and out). A solid ear-seal for headphones is more important than many people realize, because it means you won’t go deaf trying to drown out the noise of the outside world.

The ATH-MX50x are also built for longevity, with a replaceable cable (the cable is usually the first thing to eventually break with any pair of headphones), and replaceable ear pads. Audio-Technica actually gives you 3 different cables in the box: 1x straight and 1x coiled 9.8′ (3m) cable, and 1x straight 3.9′ (1.2m) cable. The longer cables are perfect when playing and recording music, while shorter cables are best when listening to music on the go. You’ll also get a 1/4″ adapter in the box, allowing these headphones to be used with both professional audio gear and with regular personal audio equipment like phones, computers, etc.

Overall, Audio-Technica hit it out of the park with the ATH-MX50x headphones. They’re an excellent gift for a guitarist, especially if that guitarist is recording or needing to play via headphones. Check out the standard wired version here. There’s also a wireless Bluetooth version here, which can also be used as a regular wired pair of headphones (it comes with a detachable cable).

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We hope you found some great guitar gift ideas on this page. If you’re still struggling to find that perfect little something, take a look at our huge list of gift ideas for musicians here. This list covers the absolute best stuff for any music lover, ranging from budget gift ideas to out-of-this-world items they’re sure to love.