BYOS Clinician Tour @ Selected Guitar Centers Across The USA

Evans have announced that in-demand marching drumming duo BYOS (Bring Your Own Style) are heading to Guitar Centers in the US for a short clinician tour.

These guys are hard-working, super entertaining, and they have insane technical ability. They’ve got some really great youtube videos which have been hits across the internet (check them out here).

Both members of BYOS have been honing their skills on drumlines in the USA since they were young. They’re multiple-award winners, and they’ve both toured the world performing, teaching, and composing exciting drum pieces.

If you’re near any of the Guitar Center stores listed below, get along and check them out:

  • Sunday May 14: Northeast Expy ATLANTA, GA 30329  2PM
  • Monday May 15: Eastern Blvd. MONTGOMERY, AL 36117  6PM
  • Thursday May 18: N. Kendall Drive MIAMI, FL 33156  6PM
  • Friday May 19: Nordhoff Street NORTHRIDGE, CA 91234  6PM
  • Saturday May 20: 7425 Sunset Blvd. HOLLYWOOD, CA 90046  2PM

More dates will be added soon.

Huge New Article: The Best Music Gifts for Musicians

Want the best music gifts for musicians in 2018? This is the ultimate guide! We’ve got the best music gifts for music lovers, regardless of your budget.

Best Music Gifts for Musicians and Music Lovers

Following on from our best drum gifts article, a few people have reached out to ask about gifts for other musicians. So, we thought we’d put together a huge guide covering all of the best gear.

This is the ultimate list of music gifts for music lovers in 2018. Importantly, this is a list made by musicians, for musicians, with a strict *no junk* policy. There’s ideas for musicians birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversaries, graduation, gifts for music teachers & more. We’ve included ideas for every age & budget, all categorized by price. If you feel like there’s something missing, let us know!

Check out the huge gift guide here, to find the best music gifts for musicians and music lovers of all ages.

New Article: Buying Used Cymbals: The Ultimate Guide

Following on from the guide to buying used drums, we now have everything you need to know about buying used cymbals.

Buying Used Cymbals - The Ultimate Guide

You can find some amazing bargains with used cymbals, as long as you know what to look for. Make sure you see the red flags to avoid getting ripped off!

Check out the huge guide to buying used cymbals, covering all of the important stuff, the not-so-important stuff, and some extra tips for getting the most out of your cymbals.

2018 New Tool Album: Danny Carey is Recording Drums Now

It’s been more than a decade since their last release, but it looks like a new album from Tool is slowly getting closer in 2018.

Pictured is Danny Carey’s drum kit, set up in the studio for recording the new 2018 Tool album. In the background is drum tech Joe Paul:

Danny Carey’s official website posted the above photo showing his kit set up, with the caption:

READY TO BEGIN TRACKING FOR TOOL. It appears that long time tech JOE PAUL has the drums and electronics arranged in the studio for Danny to start tracking.”

Joe Barresi (who worked on Tool’s 10,000 Days) is handling engineering. Danny is tracking drums first, followed by the other instruments, and finally vocals.

The photo shows Danny’s huge drum kit, with his signature Sonor 14×8″ bronze snare drum in the center. Some of the stand-out features are the purple Paiste Monad 22″ Dry Heavy Ride, the Roland Octapad and Handsonic, and the huge amount of electronic pads spread around the kit.  He’s also using a Roc-N-Soc drum throne.

Danny Carey has been using Evans drumheads since 1998. He also plays Paiste cymbals, Hammerax Percussion, and Roland and Korg electronics.

Specifically, Danny Carey uses an Evans Power Center snare drumhead, Evans G1 Clear tom batter heads, and Evans EQ3 Clear bass drum batter heads.

New Article: Buying Used Drums: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a used drum kit, but want to avoid getting a dud!?

Check out our used drums buying guide, with everything you need to know!

Buying Used Drums - The Ultimate Guide

There is so much great used drum gear out there, you just need to know what to avoid… We go into detail on the important stuff, the not-so-important stuff, and how to breathe new life into a used drum kit.

Learn exactly what to look for when buying used drums, and get the most value for your money. The right used drum sets can sound great, so use these essential tips to make sure you get a top set of used drums.

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Hit Like A Girl Competition 2018

The 7th annual Hit Like A Girl global drumming competition is coming up.

Hit Like A Girl Logo

Hit Like A Girl is a worldwide contest for female percussionists, aiming to put the spotlight on girls drumming, and to encourage musicianship among females of all age levels. Some great companies are sponsoring this event, and there will be some great prizes available.

The competition is open to female drummers of all skill levels, so don’t hold back if you’re wondering whether you’re good enough!

To enter, you must:
  • Be female (this one is hopefully obvious!).
  • Be an amateur drummer (if you make more that $50k/year and have an endorsement, you’re not eligible).
  • Send in a 3-minute drumming video. This can include solos, covers, or live gigs. Showcase your skills somehow!
  • Include a short bio, outlining your drumming story, and a recent photo of you behind the drum kit.

There is an under 18, and an 18+ age category.

Drummers are evaluated on their performance (their groove, sound, technique, musicality, and interpretation), as well as their presentation and their personal story.

For some inspiration, check out Hit Like A Girl’s Hall of Fame, which includes some great videos from past winners and runners up.

There are three ways to make it to the finals:
  • Between March 1st and April 11, 2018, there will be weekly contests where judges will choose a weekly winner. Each weekly winner will become a finalist.
  • Between April 12 and April 25, 2018, the public can vote on their favourite drummer. The two drummers in the under 18 and 18+ categories with the most votes will become finalists.
  • Wildcards will be chosen as finalists based on their drumming skills and presentation.

You only need to send in one application, and you’ll have a chance to become a finalist across every week of the competition.

Judging will take place between May 3 and May 16, 2018, with a winner to be announced on May 24th.

For more information and to enter, go to Hit Like A Girl’s website. Good luck!


Attention Drummers: Pain or Problems Playing the Drums?

Dr. Nadia Azar is investigating pain and problems that drummers can experience while playing. See below for all of the details, including a link to take part in this research:


Have you ever experienced pain or problems related to playing the drums?  

Even if you haven’t, Dr. Nadia Azar wants to hear about it!

Playing the drums is a physically demanding task, but very little is known about the types of injuries, pain, or problems drummers experience, and the playing-related or lifestyle habits that might either help drummers avoid these injuries/problems, or put them at risk of developing them.

Nadia is looking for drummers to fill out an anonymous survey about drumming-related pain & problems.  For this study, a drummer is defined as a percussionist who exclusively plays a drum set.  For example, a drummer for a popular rock band, or a person who exclusively plays a drum set in an orchestra would fit this definition.  A person who plays a drum in a marching band or drum line, or someone who plays the tympani or xylophone for an orchestra, would not.

You can participate if you:

  • Are at least 18 years of age.
  • Play the drums a minimum of five (5) hours per week.
  • Fall into one or more of the following groups:
    • Students enrolled full- or part-time in a college- or university-level music program.
    • Students taking private lessons.
    • Full- or part-time drum teachers.
    • Full- or part-time studio or live performance drummers from all musical genres.

Retired drummers: you can still participate if you met these criteria before you retired.

The survey will take about 20 minutes of your time.  At the end of the survey, you will have the option to enter your name into a draw for one of ten $50 gift cards. 

CLICK HERE to get started. Thanks!

This study has received clearance from the University of Windsor’s Research Ethics Board.

New Article: Bass Drum Beater Sound: The Ultimate Guide

What’s the quickest way to change your bass drum sound?
Change your bass drum beater!

Bass drum beaters can often be overlooked. However, whether you’re performing or recording, your choice of beater will have a big impact on your overall sound. Your bass drum is central to your kit, so make sure you’re using the best beater for the job.

It’s super important to understand how different beaters sound and feel when you play them. Because of this, we’ve put together the ultimate bass drum beater guide: to help you find the best bass drum beater for your style.

In the guide, you’ll see:

  • Low Boy Natural Wood Bass Drum BeaterExactly how different bass drum beater materials will sound. There’s an overview of all the different beater materials available.
  • How beater weight affects the impact and feel of your pedal.
  • How the shape and size of a beater will change the way it sounds and feels.

We’ve also reviewed the best bass drum beater in each category, to help you sort through the noise to find a great beater.

Read the ultimate bass drum beater guide here.

New Article: The Best Bass Drum Pedal in 2018

Looking for the best bass drum pedal in 2018? This the article for you!

Best Bass Drum Pedal Ultimate Guide

We’ve tested and reviewed a huge range of pedals to find the best bass drum pedal in the three most important categories:

  • The best bass drum pedal for beginners,
  • The best bass drum pedal for intermediate drummers, and
  • The absolute best bass drum pedal, regardless of price.

Each pedal is reviewed in detail, and we tell you exactly why it stands out from the competition.

PLUS, there a bonus bass drum pedal buying guide further down the page, covering the most important factors affecting how a pedal feels and plays: Get your head around bass drum pedal footboard styles, drive types, and cam shapes. All of these things will change the feel and movement of a pedal, so we’ve covered these things to help you find the best pedal for your feet.

Why is all of this important? Well, it’s vital to have a great pedal, because it’s one of the most important pieces of drum gear you’ll own. Along with your snare drum, your bass drum gets more use than just about anything else, so make sure you have a good pedal (and good technique!).

Read our article reviewing the best bass drum pedals of 2018 now.