KickBlock: Stop Your Bass Drum Moving

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Sick of your bass drum creeping away while you’re playing?
KickBlock is the answer.

KickBlock is a small, light, solid block that sits directly in front of your bass drum. It attaches to the carpet via its thick Velcro anchors, and from there it stays put.

KickBlock on Bass Drum

KickBlock Review

We tested this thing, and were blown away by how well it works…

KickBlock acts as a solid shock absorbing “wall” for your kick drum, stopping it from moving forward while you’re playing. It’s a life-saver for gigging, whether it’s for your own kit or for house kits that can creep around. It also works for electronic kick drums.

The best way to understand how well KickBlock sticks to the floor is to simply see it in action: Here’s a quick video from one of our strength tests, where we tried our hardest to punch it out of place:

You can see pretty quickly from the video that this thing really does stay put. Now imagine it sitting in front of your kick drum: you can be confident that your drum won’t be going anywhere.

Great Design

The KickBlock is designed by Philadelphia drummer Will Butera and his father Jay. He tested it on tours, and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into making something solid and easy to use.

It’s light-weight (made of a thick foam material), so it’s easy to carry around (it won’t weigh down your hardware bag). Since it’s made of foam, it’s also not going to damage your kick drum hoop in any way. The Velcro on the underside of the KickBlock is thick, and designed for maximum grip.

KickBlock Review Close-Up Front and Bottom

KickBlock: What Type Of Carpet Do You Need?

It’s important to mention that KickBlock only works on carpets and drum rugs (not wooden floors), and the carpet surface you’re putting it on needs to be made of closed loop type carpeting. Shag carpets or oriental rugs, for example, won’t work.

If you’re unsure of exactly what kind of carpet you need, here’s a list of verified drum rug options that KickBlock will anchor onto:

If you’ve already got a drum rug, just test it out with anything Velcro at home. If the Velcro sticks, you’re good to go. Most carpets will work just fine.

Should You Buy The KickBlock?

If you’ve got the right type of drum rug (or carpet), then it’s a definite yes to keep your bass drum locked in position.

Don’t bother carrying around heavy weights to stop your drum moving around (your hardware bag is heavy enough) – get a KickBlock. It’s an awesome innovation.

The KickBlock is available in brick red or stage black. Read more on KickBlock’s website here, or check the latest price here.

The KickBlock In Action

We like the KickBlock so much that we added it to our huge guide to the best drummer gifts and accessories!

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