Will Sony Replace Human Drummers?!

Sony CSL (Computer Science Laboratories) Paris is developing the latest AI-assisted drum production software.

SonyCSL DrumNet Drum Generator

Called DrumNet, the software is based on an artificial neural network which learns the rhythmic relationship between the different instruments within a song. The software then uses this knowledge to create drum tracks that fit the music. Importantly, the drum track will adapt to the music as it changes, allowing the beat to evolve as the song progresses.

At the moment, this software is only available as a proof-of-concept to generate kick drum tracks. However, Sony is currently working to extend their platform to provide an entire drum kit.

Sony says the goal is not to replace musicians, but to give them better tools to work with when realizing their creative ideas.

You can read more (and listen to some samples) here. Since this is limited to generating kick drum patters, drummers shouldn’t have too much to worry about (for now…!).