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The Snareweight gives you flexible snare drum dampening, for a fatter, warmer, and more controlled drum sound.

Quickly adjustable and removable, the Snareweight is a very versatile way to have consistent control over your snare drum sound. These devices are designed to muffle your snare. Lighter options are available to give a little control over ringing overtones, and heavier options can dramatically change your sound – giving you a warm, deep, and fat snare drum sound. The weight bounces slightly with each stroke (heavier versions bounce less), giving a very nice gated effect on the snare… This allows for a little tone before it rests back on the drumhead. The Snareweight reduces higher pitch frequencies the most, making the snare sound deeper overall, with less ringing and more punch.

The Snareweight clips to the drum hoop, and has no glue or sticky reside, meaning no mess or marks on your drumheads or hoops when you remove it. This device is a great way to get a fat, slightly gated and compressed snare drum sound, without needing to spend money on recording gear or audio equipment. It is usable both live and in the studio, to get a more controlled snare sound.

There are a few different versions of the Snareweight available, each giving a slightly different dampening effect:

The Snareweight M80 is a thick black leather strip that has 4 dampening options, ranging from medium to heavy dampening. A magnetic system allows this device to be folded partially, fully, or completely removed from the drumhead (without needing to be removed from the drum hoop). This means you can choose exactly how much dampening to apply, and change your sound to fit your environment.

The Snareweight M1 is a smaller version of the M80, providing less dampening for those wanting a more open sound. Like the M80, the Snareweight M1 also has magnetic clips allowing it to be folded partially or fully depending on the amount of dampening you need.

The Snareweight #4 and Snareweight Jr are solid metal blocks that magnetically attach to your drumhead (via a clip on your hoop). These Snareweights have a range of leather inserts that sit between the metal mass and the drumhead, to give you different dampening options. The solid metal adds a good amount of weight to the drumhead, making these options great for a punchier, fatter sound.

All of these Snareweight options give a great sound, and they’re all well-matched in size and weight for a 14″ snare drum. If you’re looking for versatility right out of the box, go with the Snareweight M80. For more dampening, the Snareweight #4 is great, especially coupled with the range of add-on leather inserts.

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