Moongel Damper Pads

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The most used drumhead dampening around – an essential for your kit. Precisely control the ringing, sustain, and sound of your drum kit.

Extremely versatile and perfect for removing ringing, controlling sustain, or changing up your sound. Moongels are a sticky, jelly-like substance that can be easily attached and removed, and can be cut to any size.

What does Moongel do? Moongels stick to your drumheads to change your drum sound. In short, they’ll remove the ringing from your drums.

Place them in different areas for different types of drum dampening – closer to the edge of the drumhead for less dampening, closer to the center for more. Put one, two, three, or ten on your drumhead depending on the sound you want, and experiment to find the perfect location and get the perfect amount of overtone control. Moongels can also be attached to cymbals or other percussion instruments, to reduce the sustain and focus the sound.

Moongels are extremely useful both live and for studio recording, to ensure microphones are picking up the exact tone you want, without excess ringing. Audio engineers will sometimes put Moongels where the drum microphone is pointing, to get less ringing coming through the mic.

If you only buy one sound controlling accessory for your kit, it should be Moongels.

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Want to know more about drum dampening?

Check out our huge drum dampening guide, with everything you need to know, all on one page. It covers tips, advice, add-on dampening, DIY methods, and drumheads with built-in dampening. Learn exactly when and how to use dampening, and master your drum sound.

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