Remo Silentstroke Silent Drumheads

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The Remo Silentstroke is the most realistic and responsive low-volume practice drumhead available.

Remo Silentstroke drumheads are quieter and more responsive than drum mutes and rubber practice pads, making them perfect for practicing on a real drum kit without the sound. Silentstroke drumheads are made with a tough mesh that reduces the sound to almost nothing. These drumheads can be tuned tight or loose, giving you full control over the rebound to create a very realistic playing surface on any drum kit. Play your acoustic drums without disturbing the neighbours.

Tip: Leave your resonant drumheads on to get a little bit of drum tone while you play, or remove them to cut the sound almost completely.

Want to hear your drums when you practice silently? Got an old drum lying around unused? Remo Silentstroke drumheads can also be combined with drum triggers and modules to turn acoustic drums completely electric, opening up a whole world of new sound possibilities.

Tip: combine Remo Silentstroke drumheads with Zildjian L80 low-volume cymbals for the most realistic and responsive practice setup possible.

If you’re looking for the best ways to make your drums quieter, check out our top tips to reduce drum volume.

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Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Toms

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