Aquarian Studio-X Clear with Power Dot

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The Clear Aquarian Studio-X with Power Dot has a bright attack which quickly gives way to focused mid and low-end tones. These drumheads are great for reducing overtones without choking your drums too much.

The Aquarian Studio-X Clear with Power Dot is made with a 10mil ply of clear film, an underside control ring, and a topside center control dot. This drumhead is a good balance between sensitivity and control. This head is a more durable version of the Aquarian Studio-X Clear, with a touch less sustain. The power dot adds attack and extra durability, without sacrificing too much sensitivity. The control ring and power dot create a more focused tone compared to a non-dampened single ply drumhead. Overall the sound is pushed towards the mid-range and low-end, and there is still some sustain and good sensitivity.

The Aquarian Studio-X Clear with Power Dot is a great choice if you want to reduce ringing overtones. The control ring and center control dot both help to reduce high-pitch ringing, while keeping some sustain. The result is a brighter punchy sound, with good depth. There is a nice attack which helps this drumhead stand out, even in a louder environment. Compared to the Clear Studio-X, the Power Dot version has more focus on the attack and less on the ringing that follows.

This is a nice option if you like some sustain, but hate clashing overtones. The Aquarian Studio-X Clear with Power Dot has the sensitivity of a thin drumhead, with the focus and durability of a thicker head. This is a great choice for a balanced and cutting drumhead that is usable at all volume levels – sensitive enough for quieter playing, while durable enough to handle some harder hitting. The added control dot means you can hit this drumhead quite hard, where it gives a nice deep and cutting tone.

Tip: Need something similar but with a touch more sustain? Take a look at the Clear Aquarian Studio-X.
Looking for something a little warmer with a less cutting attack? Try the Coated Studio-X with Power Dot.

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Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Toms






1 ply





Special Features

Control Dot (topside), Control Ring(s)


Low, Moderate



Total Thickness


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