Aquarian Studio-X Clear

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The Aquarian Studio-X Clear has a bright attack which quickly gives way to focused mid-range and low-end tones. These drumheads are great for controlling overtones without choking your drums.

The Aquarian Studio-X Clear is made with one 10mil ply of clear film, and a control ring adhered to the underside of the drumhead. The single ply and control ring combination creates a nice balance between sensitivity and control. The Aquarian Studio-X is a great choice for reducing ringing overtones, providing good focus. The sound is pushed towards the mid-range and low-end, and there is still a nice amount of sustain and responsiveness. Overall, the sound is more focused than an undampened single ply drumhead, thanks to the control ring. 

The control ring on the Aquarian Studio-X acts to reduce high-pitch ringing, while keeping a moderate sustain. The result is a slightly bright punchy sound, with good depth. There is a nice attack which helps this drumhead stand out, even in a louder environment. Compared to the Texture Coated Studio-X, this version is more balanced sounding (and less warm), especially for the initial attack. This drumhead is good for moderate volume live situations, and is quite versatile. The thinner ply makes it sensitive enough to do lighter touches, but it also performs well when hit hard. Note: if you’re a really hard hitter, the 10mil ply may not hold up well to long-term abuse.

The Aquarian Studio-X Clear has the sensitivity and sustain of a thin drumhead, with the focus and control of a thicker head. This is a great option if you like some sustain, but hate clashing overtones.

Tip: Looking for something similar, but with a slightly warmer sound and a more subtle attack? Try the Texture Coated Aquarian Studio-X.
Need something more durable, with a touch more control? Take a look at the warmer sounding Coated Studio-X with Power Dot.

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Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Toms




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