Aquarian Force I Texture Coated

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The Aquarian Force I Texture Coated is a medium-thin, resonating bass drumhead giving you an open, balanced thud with good sustain.‌

The Aquarian Force I Coated bass drum head is made with a single ply of 10mil film, a texture coated top layer, and an underside inlay ring. The thinner design allows this drumhead to resonate very well. The added underside inlay ring has small ventilation holes, which allows the drumhead to move more freely when struck. The inlay ring gives a slightly focused sound that stops overtones getting out of control, while still allowing for very good sustain. The end result is more focus on the fundamental note, with less strange ringing overtones affecting your bass drum sound.

The Aquarian Force I Texture Coated is a responsive bass drum head. Perfect for low and moderate volume playing, it will allow you to hear the fullness of your bass drum shell. Tune this drumhead low for a fat smooth rumble, or increase the tension for a more cutting boom. The thinner ply means this bass drum head is very sensitive, which is great for lighter playing or adding dynamic range to your bass drum sound.

Compared to the Clear Aquarian Force I, the Force I Texture Coated is warmer sounding, with a more subtle attack. Clashing overtones are reduced thanks to the internal inlay ring. This head is great for live playing, and as a studio recording drumhead: leave it open for a deep resonating boom, or use dampening to control things. For louder live playing environments, use a microphone on the bass drum so your kick is not lost in the mix. Without a microphone, the warmer sound risks getting overpowered in extremely loud situations. If you want a very similar drumhead that can come through a little more in loud live environments, take a look at the Clear version of the Aquarian Force I.

The Force I Texture Coated is part of the Aquarian Full Force series, and comes in sizes 16″ to 28″. Aquarian Full Force bass drum heads come with an Aquarian Kick Pad bass drum patch, to protect the area where the beater strikes.

The Aquarian Force I Texture Coated can also be used as a resonant bass drum head, giving an open sound with a very nice longer sustain, especially with a smaller port hole. Tip: see this article for more info on bass drum port holes.

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