New Article: Bass Drum Beater Sound: The Ultimate Guide

What’s the quickest way to change your bass drum sound?
Change your bass drum beater!

Bass drum beaters can often be overlooked. However, whether you’re performing or recording, your choice of beater will have a big impact on your overall sound. Your bass drum is central to your kit, so make sure you’re using the best beater for the job.

It’s super important to understand how different beaters sound and feel when you play them. Because of this, we’ve put together the ultimate bass drum beater guide: to help you find the best bass drum beater for your style.

In the guide, you’ll see:

  • Low Boy Natural Wood Bass Drum BeaterExactly how different bass drum beater materials will sound. There’s an overview of all the different beater materials available.
  • How beater weight affects the impact and feel of your pedal.
  • How the shape and size of a beater will change the way it sounds and feels.

We’ve also reviewed the best bass drum beater in each category, to help you sort through the noise to find a great beater.

Read the ultimate bass drum beater guide here.