Hit Like A Girl Competition 2018

The 7th annual Hit Like A Girl global drumming competition is coming up.

Hit Like A Girl Logo

Hit Like A Girl is a worldwide contest for female percussionists, aiming to put the spotlight on girls drumming, and to encourage musicianship among females of all age levels. Some great companies are sponsoring this event, and there will be some great prizes available.

The competition is open to female drummers of all skill levels, so don’t hold back if you’re wondering whether you’re good enough!

To enter, you must:
  • Be female (this one is hopefully obvious!).
  • Be an amateur drummer (if you make more that $50k/year and have an endorsement, you’re not eligible).
  • Send in a 3-minute drumming video. This can include solos, covers, or live gigs. Showcase your skills somehow!
  • Include a short bio, outlining your drumming story, and a recent photo of you behind the drum kit.

There is an under 18, and an 18+ age category.

Drummers are evaluated on their performance (their groove, sound, technique, musicality, and interpretation), as well as their presentation and their personal story.

For some inspiration, check out Hit Like A Girl’s Hall of Fame, which includes some great videos from past winners and runners up.

There are three ways to make it to the finals:
  • Between March 1st and April 11, 2018, there will be weekly contests where judges will choose a weekly winner. Each weekly winner will become a finalist.
  • Between April 12 and April 25, 2018, the public can vote on their favourite drummer. The two drummers in the under 18 and 18+ categories with the most votes will become finalists.
  • Wildcards will be chosen as finalists based on their drumming skills and presentation.

You only need to send in one application, and you’ll have a chance to become a finalist across every week of the competition.

Judging will take place between May 3 and May 16, 2018, with a winner to be announced on May 24th.

For more information and to enter, go to Hit Like A Girl’s website. Good luck!