Forget Everything You Know About Drum Wood

When was the last time you heard a song and thought “That drummer should have really used mahogany shells rather than maple“? Never, right?

If you’re wondering what the best drum wood is for your new drum kit, you’re asking the wrong question. In our latest article, we pull apart the “best drum wood” conversation, to show you how little it actually affects your sound.

Would you pay $8,000 for this kit (hardware not included)

Drummers can sometimes put so much emphasis on the sound of drum wood. But when you see exactly what goes into a drum’s sound, you’ll realize that you should forget about the wood type altogether.

So don’t buy a drum set made from the wrong wood, don’t pay too much for the “perfect” wood, and don’t overlook the other critical factors that influence your drums.

Here’s everything you need to know about how drum wood affects your sound.