KBrakes Kick Drum Anchors

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Stop your bass drum sliding around – it won’t move an inch with these kick drum anchors.

Kbrakes Kick Drum Anchors screw onto your bass drum spurs, and grip into the carpet to stop your bass drum moving and sliding around. These anchors have a large surface area and are designed for maximum grip, without damaging the carpet underneath. When you don’t need them, Kbrakes Kick Drum Anchors easily fold back, making it easy to pack away your bass drum.

Regular bass drum spurs have small spikes which don’t grip well, and can damage the carpet underneath them… KBrakes Kick Drum Anchors solves this problem. These are especially great if you’re a hard hitter or do a lot of bass drum work. Everyone has had their kick drum creep away from them mid-song, and everyone hates it.

These anchors are designed for carpet, but there is also an add-on attachment (called KBrakes Grips) to be used on hard surfaces like wood, vinyl, cement, or tiles. These attachments slide onto the KBrakes Kick Drum Anchors, allowing you to set your kit up anywhere without needing to bring a rug. KBrakes also makes hi-hat anchors, to stop hi-hat stands and cymbals stands from sliding around. These hi-hat anchors are also usable on square bass drum spurs, like with Ludwig vintage or some Sonor kits.

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