Evans Torque Key

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This drum key can adjusted to stop at different tensions, helping you achieve more consistent tuning at every lug.

Keeping each lug tuned to the same tension will keep strange sounding overtones under control, and will keep the sustain focused on the fundamental note that you’ve tuned your drum to. Set the torque key to your desired tension before tuning.

For best results when using the torque feature, detune the lug 1/8 of a turn before you tighten it.

These are much cheaper than a Tune-bot or DrumDial, but can be less accurate – especially if your tuning rods are not well lubricated or if some tend to stick harder than others. If you have very old or rusted tuning rods or lugs, the torque key may not be extremely accurate. With newer kits, or kits in good condition, the torque key should work well.

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