Drum Keys… yes!

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You can never have enough of these…

Cheap, completely essential, and never seem to be where you thought you left them.

As well as the regular plain old drum key, there are some other great, useful and sometimes interesting versions out there.

Gibraltar Ratchet Drum KeyGibraltar make a Ratchet Drum Key, which works, well… like a ratchet! If you hate constantly turning your key, or need to remove a lot of heads, this is a great time saver.   Amazon


Gibraltar High Tension Drum KeyThere’s the Gibraltar High-Torque Drum Key, with extra-long grips to make it easy working with tighter tensions. There’s also a magnet inside, which means it will stay put when resting on a tuning rod. Amazon


Continuous Motion Drum KeyContinuous motion drum keys are available, and these are another wrist-saving improvement upon a regular key. Hold the top of the key, and turn it quickly and easily.   Amazon


Gibraltar Drum Key Bottle OpenerFor drummers who like a cold drink while tuning, there’s the very useful drum key bottle opener. It’s made by Gibraltar, and comes with a lanyard attached to keep around your neck or hang from a stand.  Amazon


For the quickest drumhead changes ever, get yourself a drill bit drum key. These fit any regular drill, and are perfect when you’re changing a whole set of drumheads.   Amazon

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