Evans 300 Snare Side Resonant

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The Evans 300 Snare Side is a very versatile resonant snare drum head, allowing for good snare wire response without compromising on fullness and body.

The clear Evans 300 snare side is a 3mil single-ply resonant snare drum head. This is the “standard” thickness for most snare side heads… If you’re replacing the one that came with your snare, it’s most likely a 3mil drumhead. Generally, 3mil is the sweet spot between providing good depth and body to the sound, while also allowing for good snare wire response and sensitivity. This makes the clear Evans 300  a great all-round resonant snare side head. This drumhead is sensitive enough to be used at lower volumes, while also providing enough depth to cut through at higher volumes. The Evans 300 is also great for general studio recording if you don’t need to capture extremely sensitive snare work. Tip: If you need a resonant drumhead for extremely light and sensitive snare articulations, take a look at the Evans 200 or Remo Diplomat Snare Side.

The sound of the Evans 300 is slightly bright, with a focus on the higher and mid-range frequencies. This resonant head gives a moderate sustain and a fairly open tone, without being over the top. The response from snare wires is crisp and well defined with both stick and brushes. For a versatile resonant snare head, the Evans 300 is a great choice.

Note: This is a resonant snare drum head, designed to be used on the resonant side (bottom) of the snare drum. Do not use this as a batter (top) head, as it will damage very easily due to the very thin ply.

The Evans 300 is also known as the Evans Orchestral 300 Snare Side drumhead.

Tip: Want to learn more about resonant snare side heads? Check out our huge article on everything you need to know about resonant snare side drumheads, which covers all of the important stuff. Get your head around resonant snare side heads.

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