Evans 200 Snare Side Resonant

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The Evans 200 Snare Side is extremely sensitive with both sticks and brushes. This very thin resonant drumhead brings clarity and definition to each stroke.

The Evans 200 Snare Side resonant drumhead is made with a single 2mil ply of clear film. This snare side head is slightly thinner than the more common 3mil resonant snare heads (for example the Evans 300 or Remo Ambassador Snare Side). The thinner construction makes this resonant head more sensitive and responsive to light articulations, meaning even the lightest touches will be heard. If your drumming involves a lot of ghost notes and sensitive snare work, the Evans 200 Snare Side will give each stroke a crisp and clear snap, with excellent definition.

The sound of the Evans 200 Snare Side is bright due to the thinner ply. The thin single ply also allows for a longer sustain, giving a nice open tone to your snare drum sound. Low and medium volume styles of music really allow this drumhead to shine… Along with the increased snare responsiveness, the brighter sound allows for greater snare clarity. In the studio, the Evans 200 Snare Side also performs very well; light touches can be captured with ease.

Using a 2mil resonant snare head gives more snare wire sound (the snare “snap”), and reduces the drum sound (the sound of the wood/metal). Overall this gives more snare clarity, but slightly reduces the drum’s volume. If you’re playing in high volume situations, this drumhead may not be loud enough to stand out (especially if played without a microphone). Tip: If you need a resonant drumhead for medium to high volume situations, take a look at the Evans 300 or Remo Ambassador Snare Side.

Note: This is a resonant snare drum head, designed to be used on the resonant side (bottom) of the snare drum. Do not use this as a batter (top) head, as it will damage very easily due to the very thin ply.

The Evans 200 is also known as the Evans Orchestral 200 Snare Side drumhead.

Note: A 2mil resonant snare drum head might not provide enough volume to really cut through in very loud situations. If you’re choosing this head for its sensitivity, use a microphone on the snare when playing high volume music. Otherwise take a look at a thicker snare side head to add more volume to your snare sound. For low and medium volumes, a 2mil resonant snare drum head will give excellent clarity to lighter strokes.

Tip: Want to learn more about resonant snare side heads? Check out our huge article on everything you need to know about resonant snare side drumheads, which covers all of the important stuff. Get your head around resonant snare side heads.

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