Zildjian Drummers Survival Kit

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Everything a drummer needs for performing, and for mid-show emergencies.

The Zildjian Drummers Survival Kit has everything a drummer needs for gigging: A drumhead repair patch, spare snare wire strings, washers, cymbal felts, and sleeves. Felts and sleeves are particularly important for stopping damage from metal-on-metal contact between cymbals and cymbal stands. How many time have you seen a house kit missing cymbal sleeves or felts? Keep some handy.

Drumheads and snare wire strings are prone to breaking, so don’t get caught out. If a snare or bass drum head breaks mid-show, it will be game over… The patch in this Drummers Survival Kit is enough to get you to the end of the gig. There are a few other Survival Kits out there, but Zildjian’s version is the only one with a drumhead repair patch.

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