Aquarian Super-Kick 10 Coated

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The Aquarian Super-Kick 10 Coated is a very controlled and extremely thick bass drum head, giving a quick deep punch without overtones getting in the way. If you’re looking for a focused head that can handle extremely heavy playing, this is a great choice.

The Aquarian Super-Kick 10 Coated is made with two plies of 10mil film, combined with a top coating and a narrow felt muffling ring attached to the underside of the head. This muffling ring is partially glued to the head, allowing part of it to “float” more freely as the drumhead is struck. The floating feature of the ring means that it won’t choke the drumhead too much, which keeps some liveliness in the overall sound. The Aquarian Super-Kick 10 Coated is a very controlled bass drum head, and is capable of handling hard hitting and long-term abuse.

The extremely thick construction and added felt muffling makes the Coated Aquarian Super-Kick 10 very controlled. Sound-wise, there is a quick punch, with a very short sustain and no overtones. This drumhead is perfect if you’re looking for a tight and fat sound, without needing to add any other dampening inside the bass drum. Due to the very thick design and top coating, the sound of the Aquarian Super-Kick 10 Coated is quite warm, with a strong focus on midrange and low-end tones. The initial attack is moderate in strength and fairly balanced, with the coating cutting some of the higher frequencies. This attack is followed by a very short, punchy, and warm thud. Compared to the Clear Aquarian Super-Kick 10, the Coated version is slightly warmer sounding, and has a more subtle attack.

The Coated Aquarian Super-Kick 10 can handle extremely heavy playing, thanks to the thick construction. This makes it a great choice for hard-hitting drummers with a heavy foot… Along with the Evans EMAD Heavyweight, the Super-Kick 10 is one of the most durable bass drum heads available. The Aquarian Super-Kick 10 Coated shines in medium to higher volume music, although the warm sound can get lost in very loud situations. Tip: Use a microphone in extremely loud environments, or add a click patch with this drumhead if you need a more cutting attack. Note that the very thick design means this bass drum head will lack responsiveness when playing at very soft volumes… The Super-Kick 10 is made to be hit!

Overall, Aquarian’s Super-Kick 10 Coated is an excellent choice for drummers who hit hard and want a controlled bass drum sound. Overtones are removed, leaving a punchy and short thud. The Super-Kick ring adds a lot of focus, and the very thick design means this drumhead can take a beating.

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