Aquarian Focus-X Coated

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A responsive and moderately focused single ply drumhead. The Aquarian Focus-X Coated is great if you’re looking to reduce ringing overtones, without compromising on sensitivity.

The Aquarian Focus-X Coated is made with a top-coated single ply of 10mil film, and a vented inlay ring on the underside of the head. This inlay ring helps to focus the sound, controlling ringing overtones and slightly reducing the sustain. Small holes are punched around the inlay ring, hence the word “vented” in the description. The inlay ring also floats (rather than being fully stuck to the drumhead). While this floating vented inlay ring controls the sound and adds focus, it doesn’t choke the drumhead. This means that overall, the Aquarian Focus-X still gives a good full drum tone.

The Aquarian Focus-X Coated is a sensitive and balanced sounding drumhead, thanks to the coated 10mil single ply. This head has a full tone, with high-end frequencies dampened by both the the top coated layer and the inlay ring. The Aquarian Focus-X Coated has a moderate to full sustain, with ringing overtones moderately controlled by the inlay ring. Overall this drumhead gives a balanced tone, with a punchy full sound. Compared to more open sounding 10mil drumheads, there is a little more focus on the fundamental note.

Compared to the Clear Focus-X, the Aquarian Focus-X Coated is slightly warmer sounding due to the top coated layer. There is a moderate balanced-warm attack, with the coating reducing the attack’s sharpness a little. The Coated Focus-X responds very well to light touches, and also gives a punchy sound that can come through in medium-high volume levels. Note: If you need a little more attack for higher volumes, take a look at the slightly brighter sounding Clear Aquarian Focus-X. On toms, the Aquarian Focus-X gives a moderately focused punchy sound, with a good sustain. On a snare drum, the Aquarian Focus-X Coated gives good definition to ghost notes, and a nice moderately open tone when hit harder. The textured coating on the Focus-X Coated provides a great responsive surface for playing with both brushes and drumsticks.

The Aquarian Focus-X Coated is a great choice if you need a sensitive drumhead, but with less ringing than is usually heard with single ply heads. While the vented inlay ring focuses the sound, there is still a good full tone when this drumhead is struck. The Aquarian Focus-X Coated is great for low to medium-high volume playing, if responsiveness is needed but overtones are not.

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