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The Remo Ambassador Clear is a classic drumhead, hugely popular and full of character. These heads are bright and open, with a good sustain to make your drums sing. Great as batter or resonant tom drumheads, or for snare drums when using drumsticks.

The Remo Ambassador Clear is made with a single ply of 10mil clear film, giving a bright and open sound with a lot of sustain. Your drums will ring out nicely, with a good attack to cut through in moderate volume situations. Tip: for a similar drumhead with more warmth and less attack, try the coated version of the Remo Ambassador.

As a batter drumhead on toms, the Remo Ambassador Clear will give a lot of depth, clarity, and sustain – letting you hear the full range of your drums without choking them. On snare drums as a batter head, the Ambassador Clear gives a nice bright sound, especially when tuned higher. For brush use, you’ll need a coated drumhead – take a look at the coated Remo Ambassador.

The Remo Ambassador Clear is also an extremely popular choice as a resonant tom or bass drumhead. The 10mil single ply gives very good sustain and depth, and can be paired with any type of batter tom drumhead. You can expect a balanced drum tone, with a little brightness to help your drum sound stand out.

Remo Ambassador drumheads are a versatile option if you’re unsure of the sound you want. You can leave them open for a nice long sustain, or use dampening like Moongels to control them or fatten up the sound. The Remo Ambassador is one of the most popular drumheads in the world. The clear version is slightly brighter than the coated version, and is the go-to drumhead for full, open, and resonant toms and kick drums, at all tuning ranges.

Want to see how the Remo Ambassador stacks up against the Remo Emperor? Check out our full Remo Ambassador vs Emperor guide here, and become an instant expert.

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