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The Evans EMAD Clear bass drum head is punchy and extremely versatile – giving you great control over the amount sustain and overtones, and providing a nice deep thud. The clear ply gives a nice attack, and is great across a huge range of drumming volumes and styles.

The Evans EMAD Clear is made with a single ply of clear 10mil film, and gives you good responsiveness and a range of sustain options. This bass drum head comes with two different acoustic foam dampening rings (one narrow and one wide), which can be quickly mounted to the front of the drumhead – allowing great control without needing to remove the head. The Evans EMAD Clear gives you a great amount of versatility with your bass drum sound, and is almost like having three bass drum heads in one. The clear version gives extra attack, creating a brighter punch that cuts through even in louder environments.

Without the dampening rings, the Evans EMAD Clear gives a nice longer sustain. The 10mil single ply is responsive, and doesn’t choke the bass drum. There are a moderate amount of overtones present, although the foam mounting system adds a little bit of focus (even with no dampening rings installed). Overall, the Clear EMAD is slightly brighter sounding than the Coated Evans EMAD, and has a slightly more cutting attack. With no dampening rings, the sound is balanced across the high, medium, and low frequencies after the brighter attack. While the clear single ply is responsive for lighter drumming, it is also capable of delivering a big attack that will cut through if things get a little louder.

With the felt rings installed, the sound of the Evans EMAD Clear changes quite dramatically. Adding the dampening rings will remove overtones, and will focus the sustain more towards the mid and deep low-end. The clear ply still provides a bright initial attack, before the tone quickly focuses on the deeper notes. The thinner EMAD dampening ring gives a moderate amount of dampening, and still allows for some sustain. With the thickest ring, the sound becomes very short, deep, and punchy. Overtones are almost entirely removed, and the sustain becomes very short.

The Evans EMAD dampening rings are installed on the front of the drumhead, meaning you can change your bass drum sound without needing to get up from your drum throne. This is a great feature, and also means that you don’t need to stuff your bass drum with pillows, towels, or blankets to get a focused and punchy sound.

Across the Evans EMAD range, the EMAD Clear is one of the more open drumheads (when the EMAD dampening rings are removed), due to its single-ply 10mil design. Along with the EMAD Coated, this version is also among the most responsive. The EMAD Clear is a great drumhead for low, medium, and higher volume drumming. If you’re a heavy hitter, add a bass drum patch to protect it from beater damage. Overall, the Evans EMAD Clear is an extremely versatile bass drum head, giving you a huge amount of sound options and usable across a range of music styles and volumes.

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Bass Drum


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Medium, High


Balanced, Bright


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