Tune-bot Drum Tuner

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Product Description

Need help tuning your drums? The Tune-bot is the answer.

Like a guitar tuner for your drum kit.

The Tune-bot allows you to measure the fundamental note  of your drum, and the pitch of each individual lug. You can also quickly see the difference between lug pitches, and filter out the fundamental note when focusing on each lug’s frequency. The Tune-bot can show both frequencies and notes. Hearing a lot of clashing overtones ringing out when you hit your drums? The Tune-bot is perfect for eliminating overtone variance to make your drums sound great.

There’s also an extremely useful (and well designed) feature to save your settings. Once you’ve found your perfect sound, you can save both the resonant and batter head pitches, and the lug frequency, to easily retune the drum in the future.

The Tune-bot website gives you the settings of some very well knows artists, and there is a free tuning calculator app for Android and Apple devices.

If you want to go even deeper into the world tuning, you can use the Tune-bot to have full control over the notes your drums are tuned to:

  • Want your resonant snare head tuned a perfect fifth above your batter head? Easy.
  • Want your toms tuned to a major third interval? Done.
  • Don’t know what any of this stuff means? No problem. The Tune-bot comes with a quick explanation and instruction manual.

See it in action here…

Note: there are two versions of the Tune-bot