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Get some hearing protection – you’ll thank yourself in the future. If you’re behind a drum kit you WILL damage your hearing. People generally lose the high-frequency range first, which will affect how you think your music sounds, and will make conversation difficult later in life. There are a huge range of hearing protection options – cheap and expensive – with different features.

Drum Earphone Options

The cheapest are the disposable foam earplugs. These usually muffle the sound, cutting some frequencies much more than others which leaves you with a poor idea of how things actually sound.

Over-ear earmuffs are a great cheap option. A bonus with these is you can wear earphones under them, allowing you to play to a click or practise to music.

In-ear acoustic filters are better than the cheap foam earplugs – they reduce the volume more evenly across all frequencies, which gives you a much more accurate sound.

Molded earplugs are available that fit your exact ear shape – these are available in do-it-yourself packs, and also as more accurate (and more expensive) molds which can be made by visiting an audiologist.

If you need to play to a click, monitor your bandmates, or play along to music, get some good quality in-ear monitors. These are great for live, practising, and recording, and as a bonus you can use them as regular earphones when you just want to listen to music. Most come with different sized earpieces to fit any ear, or custom-fit monitors can be made by visiting an audiologist. These can get quite expensive, but they’re a great long-term investment. If you plan on spending a lot of money on these, get a set with a replaceable cable. Before you buy, make sure you check the amount of noise isolation they provide… Cheap in-ear monitors won’t provide good isolation, meaning you’ll need to turn up the volume (which will damage your hearing).