DW Combo Hi-Hat & Double Bass Pedal

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Play double bass or latin drum grooves? Then the DWCP5520-2 Auxiliary Hi-Hat Stand is an innovation that will change your drumming life. This is a genius combination of a hi-hat stand and a bass drum pedal, all in one piece of solid equipment.

The DWCP5520-2 Auxiliary Hi-Hat Stand is a hi-hat stand and bass drum pedal combined into one piece of hardware. Both the hi-stand and pedals are based on the highly respected DW 5000 series, and they come with everything you’d expect from DW. The DWCP5520-2 is designed to be highly versatile, and you can use the added drum pedal in two ways: 1) as a double bass drum slave pedal, or 2) as an auxiliary pedal for cowbells, jam blocks, tambourines, or any other small percussion instrument. There is a mount attachment on the pedal, allowing you to clamp on anything that can be hit with a bass drum beater.

For anyone who plays with more than one bass drum pedal, the DWCP5520-2 is a genius idea. Every double bass pedal drummer knows the frustration of getting your slave pedal, hi-hat stand, hi hat pedal, and drive shaft organised. Thankfully, DW have solved this problem. The pedal and hi-hat combination also saves space, giving you a smaller and tighter footprint. The design keeps your hi-hat and bass drum pedal perfectly aligned side-by-side, closer than you’d get with a separate hi-hat and slave bass drum pedal setup. With less equipment to lug around, this also makes for a quicker set up and pack down. Finally, DW throw in a pedal bag for the master bass drum pedal, to keep it safe when transporting.

Everything is built with the top quality you’d expect from DW; the DW 5000 range is an industry standard throughout the drumming world. The hi-hat and both of the pedals run very smooth, and are highly adjustable. Note that the slave pedal on the DWCP5520-2 is placed to the left of the hi-hat pedal (and cannot be switched)… DW does not make a right-side slave pedal version of this piece of hardware. If you’re a right-side-slave double bass drummer, this takes a little bit of time to get used to. After some practice, though, it’s a problem that is quickly forgotten. One little bonus with the DWCP5520-2 is that it is interchangeable with the DW9000 series bass drum pedal… If you’ve got a DW9000 master pedal, the slave pedal system will be compatible with it.

As well as combining a bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand, the DWCP5520-2 has some other great features. Importantly, the hi-hat legs can swivel, which allows you to position them any way you like. This is extremely useful if you place other stands nearby, or need to get a tight setup on a small stage. The hi-hat clutch is the versatile DWSM379, which locks tight and allows you to dial in the top hi-hat cymbal’s sloshyness (how much your top cymbal can flop around), while keeping it secure on the clutch. There are memory locks for the tube joints, and the DWCP5520-2’s stand is double-braced. The ball bearing hinge is DW’s Delta, and the concentric drive is the DW Turbo TD3. For easy storage and transport, the footboard folds back like a regular hi-hat stand.

Importantly, the DWCP5520-2 comes with the 5000 series master bass drum pedal, which is a go-to choice for drummers around the world. This pedal is highly adjustable, and comes with some great features including a drum key clip (so you always know where it is), a two-way beater, non-slip underside rubber grip, and dual spurs to ensure your pedal stays put. For those of you with bigger feet, or who do a big heel-toe bass drum technique, the toe stops are also removable. The pedal’s action is smooth and solid, and this thing is built to take a beating.

If you’re tired of a messy double bass drum pedal setup and a drive shaft that constantly interferes with your hi-hat, the DWCP5520-2 Auxiliary Hi-Hat Stand is the answer. The DWCP5520-2 is a genius idea from one of the most respected drum hardware brands in the world, and DW have done a great job with this piece of hardware.

Note that the DWCP5520-2 is the full double pedal plus hi-hat stand version. There is also the DWCP5520, which is the hi-hat stand with a single pedal attached to to the left. If you already have a DW5000 or DW9000 double pedal, your drive shaft can be connected to the DWCP5520 to turn it into the full version.

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