Meinl BACON Cymbal Sizzler

Cymbal Sizzler

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Product Description

You don’t need to buy a whole new cymbal to get that sizzle sound.

Cymbal sizzle chains easily attach to your cymbal (usually as a cymbal felt) and give a nice sizzle sound. Different sized beads are available – smaller beads give a more subtle sound, and larger ones will give a more pronounced sizzle. Great with sticks, or if you’re struggling to get cymbal sustain when playing brushes at low volume, these things can be a great way to add some extra sound.

Also useful if you’re considering drilling rivets into your cymbal, but want to test out how it will sound first.

A tip: cut the chain to size so it doesn’t hang off of the edge of the cymbal (otherwise you’ll have a lot less sustain).