Clip-On Drum Kit Fan

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Stay cool while you’re behind the kit… These clip-on fans are quiet, sturdy, and fully adjustable.

We all get a little hot sitting at the drum kit… Get yourself a good clip-on fan to keep cool during long shows or rehearsals. The best clip-on drum fan I’ve found is the Avalon 6″ fan, which runs on AC power. It has two speed settings, runs quiet, and can be pointed in just about any direction.

Avalon’s clip-on fan has two different rotation points, meaning you can be sure it will point your way. This clip-on drum fan attaches best to a cymbal or hi-hat stand, but the clip is also strong enough to work with other pieces of drum gear. It is quiet enough to not annoy the sound man (yes this has actually happened!), but still powerful enough to give a nice blast of air. They’re very affordable, so grab one today and stop sweating it up behind the kit!

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