Big Fat Snare Drum: Snare-Bourine

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Instantly fatten up your drum sound – cut overtones, reduce sustain and add warmth, giving you a big and deep 70’s snare drum tone.

The Big Fat Snare Drum sound, with added tambourine jingles to give a bright clink to each hit.

For a big, beefy drum sound with a deep and warm tone, the Big Fat Snare Drum is perfect. A flat plastic ring with rubber around the edge, this accessory can be easily added and removed from your drum to dramatically change the sound of your snare drum. It is weighted to provide more dampening and stability, stopping it from bouncing away when hit.

The Big Fat Snare Drum Snare-Bourine is available in two varieties – Josh’s Snare-Bourine, a solid circle with tambourine jingles (similar to The Original Big Fat Snare Drum); and the Snare-Bourine Donut, with a small circle cut out of the center to allow a greater attack to each hit (similar to Steve’s Donut Big Fat Snare Drum).

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