Aquarian Hi-Frequency Clear

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The Aquarian Hi-Frequency Clear is one of the thinnest batter drumheads available, and is very bright and responsive. These drumheads are great for full and open sounding drums with a lot of sustain, and are also an excellent choice as a resonant tom head.

Aquarian Hi-Frequency Clear drumheads are made with a single ply of 7mil clear film. These very thin drumheads are perfect for full and open sounding drums that ring out. Your toms will sing when tuned high, and will rumble when tuned low. Aquarian Hi-Frequency Clear heads are extremely responsive, making them well suited to low and medium volume situations where even small articulations can be heard.

Compared to the coated version, Aquarian Hi-Frequency Clear drumheads are a little brighter and more attacking (although still fairly low in attack compared to most other drumheads). On snare drums, these drumheads will give a lot of overtones and sustain to add colour to your drum sound. To reign in the sustain and overtones, you can add Moongels or other dampening when needed.

The Aquarian Hi-Frequency Clear is also an excellent option as a resonant tom drumhead for all volumes, pairing well with any type of batter tom head. They will contribute a brighter sustain to your toms, and will allow them to ring out. If you’re looking to hear the full sound of your drums without choking the sustain, this is a great choice.

Tip: If you plan on using brushes, you’ll require a coated drumhead – take a look at the coated version of the Hi-Frequency.

As well as Clear and Coated, Aquarian Hi-Frequency drumheads are available in Gloss Black and Gloss White varieties. The Gloss Black and Gloss White versions have an almost identical sound to the Clear, and they look great as a matched set across all drums.

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