Aquarian Deep Vintage II Super-Kick

Aquarian Deep Vintage II with Super-Kick Ring

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Product Description

An extremely warm and very controlled bass drumhead, giving a deep focused punch without overtones getting in the way. If you’re looking for a quick and fat bass drum sound that can handle heavy hitting, this is a great choice.

A very thick 2-ply drumhead, made with two 10mil plies, a special-coated top layer, and an added felt inlay ring adhered to the inside of the head. The Aquarian Deep Vintage II has an excellent warm sound thanks to the unique coating. Designed to have the look, feel, and sound of calfskin, the coating gives a much greater emphasis to the midrange and low-end frequencies. This is a great option if you want a very warm sound, with no sustain and no overtones. The Aquarian Deep Vintage II also has excellent durability – these drumheads are built to withstand very heavy playing.

The Super-Kick felt inlay ring adds a quick, deep, and punchy attack, without sustain or overtones.  The Aquarian Deep Vintage II is a great choice for a very warm, very focused, and very controlled sound. Compared to the Felt Strip version of the Deep Vintage II, this drumhead has less sustain and projection – the Super-Kick ring provides more dampening than the felt strip.

Additional Information


Low, Moderate


Bass Drum


Very High


Very Low


2 ply




Very Warm

Special Features

Inlay Ring(s)


Coated, Synthetic Fiber


Very Low

Total Thickness