2018 New Tool Album: Danny Carey is Recording Drums Now

It’s been more than a decade since their last release, but it looks like a new album from Tool is slowly getting closer in 2018.

Pictured is Danny Carey’s drum kit, set up in the studio for recording the new 2018 Tool album. In the background is drum tech Joe Paul:

Danny Carey’s official website posted the above photo showing his kit set up, with the caption:

READY TO BEGIN TRACKING FOR TOOL. It appears that long time tech JOE PAUL has the drums and electronics arranged in the studio for Danny to start tracking.”

Joe Barresi (who worked on Tool’s 10,000 Days) is handling engineering. Danny is tracking drums first, followed by the other instruments, and finally vocals.

Danny Carey has been using Evans drumheads since 1998. He also plays Paiste cymbals, Hammerax Percussion, and Roland and Korg electronics.

Specifically, Danny Carey uses an Evans Power Center snare drumhead, Evans G1 Clear tom batter heads, and Evans EQ3 Clear bass drum batter heads.